International CES 2014: What’s New?

Technology develops at a rapid rate with tablets, PCs and state-of-the-art Ultrabook devices continually improving beyond expectations. This was particularly evident at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2014. Held every January in Nevada, Las Vegas, it’s the place to be if you’re a technology fan. So what new and exciting advances were launched at the show that we can look forward to in 2014?

Lenovo: ThinkPad Carbon X1 tablet

Well-known for producing state-of-the-art equipment with exquisite capabilities, multinational technology company Lenovo showcased a range of new products including a third version of their ThinkPad Carbon X1 tablet. Made from carbon fiber and weighing in at just 2.8 pounds, this 14-inch model also boasts built-in 4G LTE connectivity making it one of this year’s stand out gadgets. Rival devices include Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air but with such intricate features the ThinkPad takes some beating.

Lenovo: Miix 2

If you’re looking for a hybrid laptop that works well as a tablet but can also be docked for a more traditional computing experience, the Miix 2 could be right up your street. While the 10-inch Miix 2 weighs just 1.3 pounds and centres around portability, the slightly larger 11-inch model offers a much faster Intel Core i5 processor that’ll maximise productivity at home or on-the-go. In need of something smaller? Then the brand new ThinkPad 8, a hybrid Windows 8 device also from Lenovo, could be ideal thanks to its fantastically sharp 1080p display and quad-core Intel Bay Trail processor.

ZTE: Nubia 5S/ 5S Mini

As well as tablets and hybrid laptops, an array of spectacular handsets were also unveiled at CSE including ZTE’s Nubia 5S and 5S Mini. Complete with chic-design, ultra-thin profiles and clean lines, both models are pleasing on the eye and are sure to slip neatly into the palm of your hand. The two new designs also have quad-core Snapdragon processors and 5-mega-pixel front-facing cameras for excellent picture quality, however, the larger model also boasts a bigger and sharper 5-inch 1080p display.

Samsung: 85-inch LED LCD curved TV

The International CSE is always full of surprises, but imagine the shock of technology lovers everywhere when Samsung displayed a demo 85-inch LED LCD curved TV. With the ability to convert a flat screen into a curved shape with just the push of a button, it certainly stood out from the crowd and confirmed that Samsung are all about the curves this year. That’s right, they’ve also released two series’ worth of curved LCD TVs: UNHU9000 series: Curved 4K and the UNH8000 series: Curved 1080p.

It’s always exciting to see what companies come up with year after year and is seems 2014 is no let down. With a host of incredible devices yet to be released, there’s plenty to look forward to, so keep a look out for some of the aforementioned inventions and enjoy a brand new world of technology.