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How iPhone Has Rendered Various Technologies Obsolete

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Before the introduction of the first iPhone into the market in 2007, people were fond of technologies such as the PDA, the Webcams and iPods. However, things changed the moment Steve Jobs made the announcement. Over the years, the iPhone has introduced new features that have rendered some of the old technologies as dated. According to this infographic composed by, these are some of the changes that have been experienced.

  • The introduction of Apple Pay played a huge role in rendering the transfer of physical money such as notes, coins and cards a far fetched idea.
  • Siri on iPhone brought a whole new idea into the industry that required speech as opposed to the traditional typing.
  • With the App Store now taking a toll, the use of software during installation has become obsolete.
  • iPhone introduced the Remote App feature which superseded the use of remote controls
  • With the iPhone, it is now possible to play a huge range of affordable games as opposed to the hand held gaming consoles.
  • The Strava Running and Cycling App has killed off the use of the traditional GPS Fitness Watches.

Technology the iPhone killed

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