How Long Will The Battle Royale Last?

It all started just a few months ago with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the videogame that began the battleroyale craze. For those unfamiliar with this mode, these are great battles, often with 100 participants, where the last survivor is the winner of the round. Simple, isn’t it?

A formula that has known the greatest success with Epic Games’ Fortnite that has also linked the free-to-play formula to the battle royale trend. Whether on PC, home console or mobile devices (currently only iOS, but during the summer also Android), the Battle Royale mode is playable without spending a single euro. But then there are micro transactions for various upgrades and embellishments and the American software house earned profits for hundreds of millions of dollars in a very short time.

Perhaps no one would have bet, maybe on one of the many Online casino, that this game mode achieved such an incredible success and that it would have changed some cornerstones of the gaming world so deeply. Indeed, according to some research, Fortnight is a title that knows no gender differences, in fact female players are a bit more numerous compared to male gamers.

But how long will the battle royale mania last? At the moment we are at phase three. First there was the title that led the way (the above mentioned Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds), then the peak represented by Fortnight and finally a very long list of other games that are trying to exploit the trail of this phenomenon with battle royale modes that sometimes are also included a bit forcefully.

The end, however, is far from being close if we think that the queen of the first persons hooter, Call of Duty, will have a battle royale component as well. Black Ops 4,coming out all over the world on October 12th on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC,will include a revised version of the BR called BlackoutTreyarch programmers guarantee it will offer better quality content compared to the other members of the category.

Game designer Matt Scronce of the development team actually went even further stating that“we would not have tried to use this mode if we had not thought we could do it better than anyone else.” We have worked on many projects, ten years of history, we have the best gun play available in the market, the best movement system, so we’re not worried. Honestly, we’re interested in making this mode as fun as possible.”

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will therefore include the Blackout mode and some others all focused on online multiplayer. For the first time in the history of the series, indeed, there will be no story mode. An epochal event since the first chapters of the series had, in the use of the cinematographic language in a first person shooter, the element that has characterized its incredible success. Mirror of the times that undoubtedly changed but, be careful to definitely write off game in single player if we think that a title like God of War only on PlayStation 4 sold over three million copies on day one without having any chance of gameplay for the online.