5 Movie-Based Video Games That Were Actually Good

Movies based on video games tend not to be very good. The same can certainly be said of the reverse, as any gamer will tell you. Occasionally, however, there is an exception that is as delicious as it is rare. Here are five of the best.

Goldeneye (1997)

Gamers from a certain generation will have lost count of the numerous hours spent playing what is undoubtedly the best Bond video game ever. Goldeneye remains the standard for multiplayer first-person shooters and has influenced countless imitators that have attempted (and almost always failed) to reproduce its addictive, sleek gameplay. Not unlike the occasional Bond movie, the Nintendo 64 game offers a classic feel even when headed in a different direction.

The Godfather: The Game (2006)

The premiere of the Godfather created a real stir among people, arousing admiration for Vito Corleone’s way to treat people, as well as for his enormous wealth. The main character impressed and apparently inspired legions of adults to step out of the confines of their comfort zone and start crafting the future they deserve. However, the moral of the trilogy might have been misunderstood by some of them, causing the crime rate to rise in multiple countries. We would suggest such people watch the movies about winning the lottery, which must be a better source of inspiration for them.

As for the game itself, it features the voices of several actors from the original movie, including Robert Duvall and James Caan. There are 18 story missions, which see the player performing a number of tasks such as carrying out contract hits and taking over holdings from rival families. Each mission adheres to the storyline of the movie, beginning with the player being recruited by Luca Brasi. Ultimately, the aim is to rise up the ranks through various titles, from Outsider to Don of New York. There have been numerous other games based on The Godfather, including one that almost, but not quite, bears the name of the legendary movie: The Slotfather. The slot game, which can be played at Vegas Casino, offers a 100% first deposit welcome bonus so fans can play The Slotfather like a real Don.

The Thing (2002)

Anyone who was disappointed by the 2011 prequel could well find themselves in a forgiving mood simply by giving this game a try. It’s essentially a sequel and adeptly captures the scare factor of wondering who’s managed to invisibly turn into The Thing. The multiplayer title features a combination of third-person shooting and a way of testing which of your teammates aren’t quite who they appear to be. Of course, if your friends think that you’re acting a bit on the odd side, they may just turn on you.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003)

The game tells a story as compelling as any we’ve seen in the Star Wars movies. In fact, it just might be a better stand-alone story than a number that are currently listed as being in production. Certainly, Darth Revan ranks among the more compelling characters, partly because the choices that the player makes affect his potential redemption arc. Revan’s identity reveal is one of the most memorable twists in all of gaming.

Alien: Isolation (2015)

This survival horror game for PC, PlayStation and Xbox recreates the look and feel of Alien better than previous games bearing the franchise’s name. It also stays truer to its source material more accurately than perhaps any other title in the history of gaming. Alien is about horror at its most claustrophobic, which Alien: Isolation perfectly captures, largely down to the fact that the xenomorph that hunts you throughout is unkillable. So basically, you’re spending much of your playing time running and hiding, and just trying to survive.

While there aren’t endless examples of the above, it appears that a movie making the leap to a console game is at least more successful than the opposite route.