Here’s How a Data Breach Impacts Your Company

Here's How a Data Breach Impacts Your Company

As technology advances, more organizations are taking better security measures, but cyber attackers are still hard at work. They are using more sophisticated methods to infiltrate enterprises and access their networks or systems to cause data breaches. 

One of the most interesting cybersecurity statistics shows that about 91% of organizations and security leaders believe they are at risk of cyberattacks. 

What are some of the most common cyberattacks?

Phishing, malware, social engineering, XSS, SQL Injection, insider threats, and ransomware are some of the biggest and most common cyberattacks. These attacks often lead to a data breach or a complete loss of data. 

Data breaches today impact millions of consumers around the globe. However, a recent data breach survey showed that about 64% of Americans have never even checked to see if they were targeted in a data breach. 

Despite an array of security tools and software in place, many organizations become the victims of cyberattacks. It might be due to a lack of proper security policies in place, a poor security culture, or a potential vulnerability that leaves their data vulnerable to attackers. 

Here are some of the long-term effects of data breaches on organizations:


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Author: Aaron Cure is the Principal Security Consultant at Cypress Data Defense and an instructor and contributing author for the Dev544 Secure Coding in .NET course. After 10 years in the U.S. Army, I decided to switch my focus to developing security tools and performing secure code reviews, penetration testing, static source code analysis, and security research.