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First Things To Do After Getting An Apple iPhone 7 Plus

So, you have planned to get an Apple iPhone 7 Plus? Or, have you already got one? Either way, it’s great. iPhone 7 is literally one of the best smartphones you can have right now — given that you can go ahead without an audio port. It goes without saying that the overall design, performance and build of iPhone 7 Plus is great and you now have a new set of features to check out. Despite all these things, there are a few things to do once you have brought the new iPhone. You need to buy some stuff and set up some others. In this article, we have listed out the top things you must do after getting an iPhone 7 Plus.

#1 Get the Right Apps

Apple ships every iPhone with the necessary bunch of apps — so is the case of iPhone 7 Plus. Still, depending on your tastes and needs, you have to get the right apps for the device. Things can be a bit tough if you transfer from Android to iOS. You might need some more time to find the effective alternatives. Otherwise, you can go forward to the App Store and grab some of the popular picks. However, make sure that you download all apps from App Store itself. We don’t recommend downloading apps from third-party sources, even if you’d get something paid for free.

#2 Get a Protective Case

Well, you might not be a rough iPhone user. Still, chances are, you might drop the phone accidentally. As an effective precaution, we really recommend going for one of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases. If you ask us for specific recommendation, we’d say the best is the carbon fiber iPhone 7 Plus case. First of all, these cases are not really expensive. When compared to other materials used for making iPhone cases, carbon fiber is lightweight yet even powerful. That is, without adding much weight to the device, you can have top-notch protection and state-of-the-art shock absorption.

#3 Set Up iCloud Backup

Another prominent reason why people go for Apple iPhone is the exclusive benefits. Now that you’ve bought the new iPhone 7 Plus, you should set up iCloud for those benefits. iCloud is your personal space, from Apple. It lets you back up and sync information from your device, such as media, contacts and almost everything. Of course, you have an option to connect the iPhone to iTunes and transfer all the data. However, iCloud brings you the benefits of multi-device accessibility as well. Especially if you shifted from Android to iOS, go ahead, set up your Apple ID and iCloud.

#4 The Right Accessories

As we mentioned earlier, iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t come with an audio port and that means a lot. Most importantly, you need to connect the headphone via Lightning port! OK, there are two options available. You can either go for the official Lightning-based headphones from Apple or other manufacturers. Or, if you already have a superb earphone or headphone with you, you can get an adaptor. This way, you can retain the same audio experience — despite not having the audio port. By the way, if you are looking for a wireless experience, you can go for Apple AirPods as well. In case if you don’t know, these are Bluetooth-powered wireless earphones. They work seamlessly with iPhone 7 Plus.

Wrapping Up

Well, these are the top things to do after you have bought an Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Obviously, there are a bunch of other things, such as setting up your home-screen and setting up the Home Button. Unlike most of you’d think, iPhone 7 Plus makes satisfactory room for personalization, if not for customization. That is, with all these awesome features, you can have a personalized iPhone experience from Apple.