DesignEvo: A Web Tool to Create a Logo in a Few Clicks

DesignEvo: A Web Tool to Create a Logo in a Few Clicks

The logo is the first thing that jumps to the eye of a consumer when you decide to choose a company for a certain goal. Creating a logo that conveys professionalism, safety, and reliability to the customer is important.

Are you launching a new company and want to create a logo that reflects the spirit of your project? DesignEvo offers a catalog of tools and settings to create a professional logo in a few clicks. In the same spirit as Canva (a graphics creation tool), the simple and effective interface is designed to make your logo design process as easy as possible.

DesignEvo provides:

  • More than 7000 logo templates divided by category, used as a basis for creating your own logo.
  • You can make any modifications to the chosen templates as needed.
  • The service allows you to control the font size, color, opacity, format, and alignment.
  • In addition, DesignEvo offers a wide range of icons, shapes, and lines ready for use.
  • After finishing the logo design, you can download it to personal devices, in the form of high-quality PNG and JPG files.
  • A FREE trial available.
  • Access to the service on the go thanks to official mobile applications for iOS and Android.

How to create a logo in DesignEvo?

Everything happens on the website where you can start the project by clicking on “Make a Free logo” button.

One the next page, the existing templates offered can make it possible to create a logo quickly, without starting from scratch.

Once the template is chosen, you can modify it by entering the name of your company and a slogan. You can also move the elements (images/text) and change the fonts with a few clicks.

A panel of customization elements is available to go further in the creation of the logo. Thus, it is possible to access a set of fonts, shapes, icons and background colors.

Once you have finished your logo, you will have three options to download your logo.


This plan allows you to download a low-resolution logo (500px) for free. It would be great to be used on your website or social media.

BASIC Plan (cost $24.99)

This plan gives you the ability to download the high-resolution JPG and PNG files, which is ready to be printed and applied to different media without losing quality. Besides, you will have unlimited edits and re-downloads for your purchased logo.

PLUS Plan (cost $49.99)

With this plan, you will have everything available in Basic plan and can download the complete set, which includes the vector files. Above all, you can download the fonts and apply for a trademark of your logo.


DesignEvo is one of the best solutions on the Web to create personal logos at low cost. If you do not have a clear idea of ​​where to start, you will find the easiest and fastest way to achieve a beautiful and high-quality logo in DesignEvo.