Download Minecraft PE Cars Mod: 2021

What are the features of the car mod on Minecraft PE 1.17?

The Minecraft PE 1.17 car mod is popular precisely because there is probably nobody among the players who would not like to have their own car.

Car mod for Minecraft PE

Now, thanks to the compilation of the mod’s data, every player can feel like they have their own magnificent car!

Supported MCPE versions: from Minecraft PE 1.16.220 and above.

Motor vehicles

This mod for MCPE 1.17 is suitable for the earliest versions of the game and adds ten new vehicles, including cars. Players who want to try being drivers will have to work a little to get their car started.

motor vehicles

First of all, you have to find and scrape the fuel to fill the car you want to use. After that, inventing the ignition key will be very important.

Funny Cars

For players who love fascinating things, the developers offer the add-on of fun cars for Minecraft PE 1.17 that adds five new types of cars to the game. It should be noted that these models replace the already existing mobs, which will disappear from the cubic world.

funny cars

The cars will have five different colors, which will be especially appealing to those who like unusual and creative types of machines, as well as being able to choose. Among the creatures, the skeleton has been replaced by a green car, cadavers by a yellow one, and several others by the same principle.

Ford Mustang

This version of the add-on for MCPE is the most popular for auto enthusiasts who really understand all aspects of cars. In the cubic world there will be a fairly well-made transport model – the Ford Mustang GT 2015, which will be easy going for any user who wants to drive.

Ford Mustang

It should be noted that one of the most powerful features of this car, which can run up to 160 miles per hour, so the Mustang is very fast in the game as in real. Besides there will be several colors of this masterpiece of the auto industry, so you will definitely be able to choose the best for you.

Download Minecraft PE cars mod