5 Reasons to play League of Legends in 2021

5 Reasons to play League of Legends in 2021

While games like Apex and Fortnite have been getting the necessary attention, the big names of online gaming are still going strong. One of those big names which have been able to retain its popularity is the League of Legends. There is no denying that League of Legends is the biggest MOBA around with one of the biggest eSports scenes. 

What makes it popular is the fact that it comprises interactive modes to support casual gamers. What’s more impressive is the fact that League of Legends comprises champion players. When League of Legends was first released towards the end of 2009, it was a unique game. Back then, ardent gamers weren’t quite familiar with the free-to-play concept. 

Apart from the gameplay, many tweaks make League of Legends popular. Let’s cite the example of riot points in this context. Riot Points are the currency in League of Legends. In simple words, the players receive riot points in exchange for real money. You can use riot points to dress champions and unlock the ward skins. Due to the popularity of League of Legends, LoL accounts have become essential among players.  

1. Tons of Resources to improve your Gameplay 

Tons of Resources to improve your Gameplay 

As League of Legends is so popular, there are tons of resources out there for new players. Note that the game itself is intuitive as it comes equipped with a basic tutorial. As a newbie, you would also be able to access the co-op vs. AI bots game mode. In this game mode, you would be able to learn the basics of the game. 

On the other hand, if you want to understand what you are getting into, you would be able to come across third-party resources. In simple words, evolving from a newbie to an experienced player in League of Legends is intuitive and fun. As an ardent gamer, you would enjoy this evolution.     

2. Games are short and interesting

You can buy LoL smurf accounts if you want to beat your opponents, even when you are a newbie. One area where League of Legends appeals to modern players is the presence of short games. Nowadays, people are usually averse to playing long games as their attention span has decreased considerably. 

When you play a short and interesting game, you would be able to balance your other tasks accordingly. There are other games that need you to be attentive for a long. Compared to these games, playing a 35-minute match in League of Legends is more exciting. So as you can see, players can participate in this game between their daily tasks.  

3. League of Legends is a Multiplayer Game 

League of Legends is a Multiplayer Game 

We all know gaming is fun and exciting. It helps us to relax properly. But do you know what more fun is? Playing any game becomes more fun and interactive when you have the ability to play it with your friends. 

One of the preliminary reasons why you should play League of Legends is that it supports various players. For instance, in League of Legends, you would be able to queue up with your acquaintances in a virtual lobby to play. 

On the other hand, if you are ready for the challenge, you would have the option to develop your own team and compete against your friends. Quite impressively, League of Legends makes it easy for you to socialize virtually. When you compete in the marksman or support position, it is a great way to foster ties with others.   

4. You would have access to Various Customizations 

It is a commonly accepted fact that the other MOBAs available in the market have limited customization options. But League of Legends is a class apart when the context is about customization. At the LoL platform, you would be able to customize your champions to specialize in various tasks. 

Note that you can customize the champions to improve their speed, performance, health, and the way they churn out damage. Customization has been the sole factor behind the immense popularity of League of Legends to date. Despite the emergence of other games, League of Legends has remained a popular option only because it allows players to create their own skins.  

5. League of Legends officially belongs to the Esports Category

League of Legends officially belongs to the Esports Category

In case you don’t know, Esports is a smaller but rapidly evolving community. It is home to a wide variety of games that span different genres. Do you know that in the US, you would receive a worker’s visa from out of the nation to play League of Legends? 

What’s more, you can even participate in teams and get scholarships at various colleges across the USA. In simple words, League of Legends has an active and vibrant Esports scene which is active globally. 

In countries like the USA and the UK, each year denotes a season. Teams from various regions participate and try to secure the national playoffs. In short, League of Legends has immense fanfare, and people follow it a great deal. 

Moreover, with the growth of digital platforms like YouTube and Twitch, people can readily learn about the game. Even if the game elements seem difficult to you, the online resources would be able to provide you with enough guidance.    

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, League of Legends comes equipped with various game modes. However, the basic model is the five-layout vs. cooperative five. You would be able to access a casual game mode and then a competitive version. 

In the competitive mode, every player is ranked on the basis of the points they earn or lose. Usually, you would find six tiers that commence from the lowest tier, Bronze. Bronze has the maximum number of new players. 

Is League of Legends so popular because it was developed at the right time? Well, seeing the popularity of the game, we can indeed say that it is one of the greatest MOBA games ever developed. Playing LoL would help you to keep stress at bay at the end of a hectic day.