Best Gaming Apps For 2016

Gaming is one of the most popular ways that we all stay entertained in the modern era. And thanks to smartphones it’s become a lot easier to play anything from online slots to the latest augmented reality sensations. So here’s a look at which games have shaken up 2016!

clash royale

Night Terrors

Pokémon Go might have been the game that introduced the fun of augmented reality to the masses, but it’s Night Terrors that reveals how visceral this new style of gaming could be.

Whilst Pokémon Go lured us all outdoors with the promise of cute creatures, Night Terrors took an alternative approach by using augmented reality technology to populate our homes with all manner of horrendous ghosts.

Space Invaders slots


Coral brought us another great gaming reinvention with their Space Invaders slots game. This allowed online casino fans to play with three or more reels whilst taking in all of the retro graphics that showed that our smartphones can look to the past as well as the future.

And whilst the slots winnings were pretty impressive, the addition of the Turn Wild feature that used the defending cannon to blast the reels really ramped up the excitement!


We all know that puzzle games are one of the most popular genres on our smartphones. But rather than getting lost in the endless Candy Crush clones, savvy gamers quickly realised that Perchang was this year’s breakthrough puzzler hit.

What helped Perchang race to the top of the app charts was the simple, but effective mechanics that saw gamers propelling ball bearings from teleporters and flippers that showed how the best games are often the simplest.

Clash Royale

OK so the market may be pretty saturated with strategic collectable card games, but the enduring popularity of Clash Royale is hard to argue with.

Not only is the game perfectly suited to battle arena fans and tower defence enthusiasts, but its endless range of cool new cards has helped this game become one of the biggest grossing games of 2016.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition


And finally, the world-building craze is showing no signs of slowing down as Minecraft: Pocket Edition continues its dominance of the app charts.

What’s great about this game is that it allows players to collaborate on some amazing Minecraft builds. And whilst it might not offer the lucrative winnings of an online slots game, it shows just how far mobile gaming has come in recent years.