Online Rummy Vs Physical Rummy – Do They Differ?

Gone are the days when you have to wait for your relatives and friends to join the game of rummy. But thanks to the latest technology, things are now really simple. The rummy game is now available to play across the Internet in no time. You can play rummy online with other players and win real money.

Let’s find out how online rummy differs from its offline counterpart and see which is actually better.

Online Rummy Vs Physical Rummy – Do they Really Differ?

Some of the rummy enthusiasts do have doubts on the legality of the online rummy games and some of them do fear to play rummy online. Many of them also wonder if rummy game is legal in India or not. But laws about rummy are clear – it is the game of skill and doesn’t fall under the category of gambling games. It is a pure display of skill. Now let us learn whether the physical and online forms of rummy differ or not?

Legality & Ethicality & Speed

In online rummy games, the cards are shuffled just like the physical version of this game. So, there is no question of fair gaming in online rummy. Moreover, the game is completely based on the skills of players to draw and arrange the cards in most productive manner to win the game. The physical rummy game is a little slower than the online rummy game as many manual actions are involved in physical rummy.


Player Choices

One of the ultimate benefits to play rummy online is that you get a good choice of players. A large number of players around the world play rummy online. So, whenever you start playing it, there is every possible chance that you are going to play the game with different players. In case of physical rummy, the players are bit limited and you might end up playing with the same players every time.


If you play rummy online then you can easily find out a number of variants of this game. You can enjoy the different rummy games thoroughly on the web. This is not possible in case of physical rummy. You have the choices, but they are only limited to a few.

Better Control & Regulation

The onus of shuffling the cards and picking up the joker is generally on the hosting site. Most of the websites ensure that it follows the most ethical procedures for better shuffling of the cards. This results in good control and regulation of the game, which is not always true in the case of physical rummy.

Diverse Range of Rewards

The online rummy websites are competing with each other as a new website is coming up every day. So the rewards are getting diverse and exciting to make the players visit site again. If you play rummy online and win an exciting reward, you will definitely come back. This doesn’t happen in case of physical rummy.

Lesser Hassles

You might not welcome the trouble of inviting the players, arranging the cards, guiding them with rules, and giving them instructions about the game while you play rummy online. There are many hassles while playing the physical rummy game.


Ultimate Gaming Experience

You will love to play rummy online and will have the best user experience ever. The online rummy interface is designed keeping the user experience in mind. It attracts millions of users around the world. While in physical rummy, there are chances of conflict between the players in the game.

Which is better?

As seen above, playing the rummy games online is always an everlasting experience. There are a number of benefits while playing the rummy games online. You get exciting rewards, the game is hassle free, a variety of players are involved in the skillful gameplay and much more. Moreover, there are a number of variants of rummy games that you can find online. It may be exciting to try a new variant each day and learn new tactics from the players having exceptional caliber. Online Rummy is definitely better than the physical rummy game.

If we compare physical rummy with online rummy then the only positive point of physical rummy is that it is safe than the online rummy. You may not be able to trust a rummy website upfront. Not every website to play rummy online is trustable. You must beware of such spammy website that might take up your money and turn out to be fraud. However, not every website is a spam and you can rely on a good rummy website.


When you wish to play rummy online, you must read the reviews of different website before playing the game. Staying safe is in your hands. Do not fall into the trap of just any fraud website. Go for only trusted rummy game websites after reading the reviews by other players who have played on those websites. You must beware of risks to play rummy online. You must not be lured by eye pleasing offers only.

Final Thoughts

The physical and online rummy differs from each other in many ways, but the gameplay remains the same. Playing the rummy games online provide you majority of benefits. You can play with different players around the world and learn how they play to win the game. Moreover, a number of online rummy games are available for you that can be thoroughly enjoyed. The choice remains yours. You can either go for online rummy games or play the physical rummy games with your friends and relatives.