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Atomizers Clearomizers And Cartomizers How To Tell The Difference

Electronic cigarettes have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Each year sees new products and technologies introduced that can often lead to confusion for even the most seasoned veteran of vaping. Three of the leading devices on the market today – atomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer – are often the center of such confusion.

Many people puzzle over which one to choose. In fact, there is no clear winner and it will all come down to preference. Each device has its pros and cons and from the details below you can decide which one you prefer.

The Basics

Every e-cigarette has three main components; a battery, tank, and an atomizer. Put simply, the atomizer pulls in power from the battery to turn the liquid nicotine, or e-liquid, into vapor. However, there are multiple ways in which an e-cigarette can deliver the e-liquid to the atomizer. This is where clearomizers and cartomizers come in.


A Closer Look at Atomizers

Atomizers have a small capacity. They are ideal for people who prefer the direct dripping method. In this case, e-liquid drips directly on the atomizer. Several different designs are available, but for the most part, atomizers consist of a heating coil at the bottom and a metal mesh at the top. The mesh soaks up the e-liquid and funnels it through to the coil.

Using power from the battery, the coil heats up and warms the liquid, eventually getting hot enough to create a vapor. The result is a solid consistent flavor and strong throat hit. This Vaporcade article describes the various lung hits you can expect from an e-cigarette.


Clearomizers are one of the newest devices on the market and they have quickly become popular. Their main attraction is the clear polycarbonate plastic or Pyrex glass used in their construction. This means that a user can monitor the liquid content by simply looking at it. They also come in different sizes so you could opt for a larger tank to avoid having to refill often.

With a clearomizer, you can customize the amount of vapor produced by adding more coils. You can choose between clearomizers that have top or bottom coils. Top coils are beneficial for producing warmer vapor and less leakage while the bottom coil option delivers cooler vapor.



Cartomizers are similar to clearomizers except they are packed with polyfill – layers of gauze wrapped around a tube with a wick and a heating coil. The heating coil vaporizes liquid from the saturated wick and vapor pushes to the top. The polyfill absorbs e-liquid and produces longer vape times over an atomizer. Some cartomizers come inside a large cylindrical tank that enables a greater capacity for liquid nicotine. Cartomizers are a good choice for people looking for a fuller flavor. Because they run at higher voltages they tend to burn through the e-liquid quickly.

It is not necessary to upgrade your e-cigarette. Many people get along just fine with the atomizer drip method. However, if you feel that you are not getting the kind of vape you enjoy or a consistent flavor, you might consider adding a clearomizer or a cartomizer.