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8 Must Have Computer Features When Choosing a New PC

Thinking of buying a new PC? Congratulations! But do you know everything you need in an ideal computer?

There are various features you need to be able to use the computer without any problems. Computers have many complicated features that it’s easy to get confused and lose focus of your goals. But you don’t need to be an IT guru to know your ideal computer features.

To choose a good computer, it’s important that you let your circumstances guide you. What you want the computer for and your budget should determine the kind you get. Let’s look at some of the essential features in this article to help you choose the best one.

  1. Check the Processor/CPU

The CPU is like the backbone of your computer. It carries out most of the computer processes, including access and change of data. The CPU processes data at high speed and the extent of this depends on the kind you get.

To get the right CPU specs for your new PC, going for newer versions will be the best decision. Don’t go for the older generation CPU. Intel has the latest CPU offers ranging from Core i3, i5, and i7 that come with its 8th generation models.

If you’re buying a CPU for a start, Core i5-8565U can be a good one. The cheapest ones will come with low processors and are ideal for lighter tasks. But if you’re going to start browsing and loading several apps, then the performance may become annoying with time.

You also don’t have to go for the expensive models as there are mid-range ones that offer superb performance. Try comparing different units from reliable brands such as with their prices and choose the suitable one. But if you’re buying a gaming computer or need one for video editing, you’ll need the fastest one, and that means spending more money.

  1. Consider the RAM

The speed of your computer matters a lot no matter what you’re going to do with it. Random Access Memory (RAM) is your computer’s active memory. Unlike the drive that stores things, you’ll need later, RAM stores the things you need now.

RAM is available in standard DDR3 and DDR4 modules. If you’re getting a PC for gaming, you’re going to need a super speed. This means a DDR4 module will do you good. For any other function, a computer with a DDR3 module still works best.

All you need to know about the RAM of your computer is the more, the merrier. An 8GB RAM lets you open more browsers and applications at the same time, which is ideal for a multitasker. A 16GB will work well for a video editor, a gamer, or if you’re planning to do CAD/CAM work.

  1. The Operating System 

For the best features for your OS, the most expensive ones offer the most features. The most recognized is the Windows 10 Operating System, which comes in for editions including Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education. If you don’t understand what features each of these entails, some research can help you.

If you need more features with your operating system, you’ll need to consider the most expensive ones. But this will only be necessary if you’re going to perform some heavy tasks with your computer. You might want to save some bucks if you’re not going to perform the heavy tasks with your PC.

  1. The Computer Graphics

Computers come with a graphic chip that generates images that a program will display on the screen. The graphics chip is integrated into the motherboard. You should know that it’s not easy to upgrade the graphics; hence you must ensure you get the best right away.

For the best graphics, consider going with something from NVIDIA or AMD. Their inbuilt graphics are the best choice you have if you want amazing computer resolutions. NVIDIA is a good choice for Adobe programs, while AMD is perfect for good mining.

NVIDIA has cooler and quitter versions, which are the Max-Q version as well as other latest ones like the RTX 20-series. These series make the most powerful and expensive models. They’re ideal for those looking for business and gaming laptops.

There are also AMD’s, which are slightly different from NVIDIA. Their Vega chips come with a CPU called the accelerated processing unit, or APU. You also have options for an Intel CPU with AMD Vega graphics core, which comes in a single chip.

These options are impressively powerful and can be the option if you can afford them. You can also watch out for new arrivals as far as the graphics are concerned. Look for the upcoming RX 5500M mobile GPU, which is said to be impressively capable.

  1. The Computer Peripherals

The mouse and the keyboard are must-have computer features. These are the parts of your computer that you’re going to touch the most, and you can be in a huge mess if you don’t find the correct one. To get the best, prepare to spend a lot of money.

Unlike other features that come with your PC, you can touch and feel the mouse and the keyboard. If the seller allows it, you can try typing and moving the mouse around and see how comfortable they feel. If you’re going to type a lot, you need a keyboard that feels comfortable.

If you’re going to watch DVDs on your laptop, get a machine with a built-in DVD reader or an optical drive. You must also know that computers that handle many peripherals are bulkier and more expensive. For cheaper and thinner models, go for ones without an optical drive.

  1. Hard Drive

The hard drive is another essential piece you should consider when purchasing a new PC. This is the amount of storage space your computer is going to offer for your files and data. Most recent computers come with about 250GB and 750 GB hard drive space.

If you’re planning to save many media such as videos and photos, you can do well with a 500GB hard drive or 1TB hard disc drive. Getting a bigger hard drive capacity means you’ll get more space, but this might cost you a lot. 

Decide the amount you need based on the specific tasks you’re going to do with your computer. For light tasks like simply browsing the internet, you won’t need a special hard disc. For files may require a special disc such as SCSI.

Many people now prefer using cloud storage; hence, they don’t need huge physical storage space. You can easily get free online cloud storage from Google, Dropbox, and pCloud, among other providers.

  1. Consider the Ports

It’s easy to get confused when it comes to the PC ports. These ports feature very complex terminologies that you won’t know which one is used for what. If you buy an older laptop, you’ll get the USB-A ports, which you can use for basic data transfer.

If you get newer models, you’ll get the USB-C ports. These ones feature more advanced versions that you can use to charge other devices. These ports are also capable of transferring videos and moving lots of data.

These ports need an adapter or a cable to function. The USB-C comes with a version called Thunderbolt 3, which might be available on different laptops. This is said to increase connection capabilities and do a great job.

  1. Touchscreen

The touchscreen is another excellent feature that comes with modern computers. In the past, only high-end computers came with touchscreen support. This is because the hardware and the software were not fully developed to function in other computer types.

But when the smartphones and tablets arrived, laptop manufacturers had to open their eyes. They had to make an extra effort to make sure many laptop versions could support the touchscreen. Now, even if you buy a cheaper laptop from the latest versions, there is a huge possibility that it will come with a touchscreen.

Most touchscreen designs with quality performance come with Windows 10 OS. Their interface and software are designed to support the touchscreen with programs such as office and Edge browser. Google’s Chrome browser also makes great third-party software that comes with excellent touchscreen support.

Computer Features to Meet Your Needs

It’s clear that finding a great computer doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are many computer features that you need to consider so that you get the best one. Your computer speed, storage, and performance are among the top features that matter most.

To help you choose the best features with your computer, consider what you want to do with the computer. Are you going to use it for business functions, gaming, or video editing? Also, don’t forget about your budget as this will also determine the kind of features you’ll get.

Do you need more tech information for your business or personal use? Stay here for more educative articles on everything tech, software, and computers.