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IT Solutions: DIY vs. Outsourcing 

IT underlies most businesses today. Many business owners choose to overload their plates to cut costs. Although keeping expenditure down is always desirable, cutting corners can lead to wasted resources in the long run. 

One person can’t do every job well, even though small businesses start out this way. When the business grows, the owner must decide if he/she will outsource or hire staff. 

You may be able to use a DIY approach with IT, depending on your knowledge and level of interest. That said, there are also many IT support companies in London to choose from that can run the IT side of your business for you instead. 

Rather than the usual pros and cons, here is a list of the perks of both outsourcing and following a DIY approach to finding IT support solutions. 

Perks of DIY IT

Job Creation

DIY IT doesn’t necessarily mean actually doing everything by yourself. You can hire in-house IT support for your business and you could even find a staff member who has a variety of skills, IT skills among them. 

It won’t be difficult to find employees with the appropriate IT skills, as thousands graduate with a degree in the IT sector every year. Your growing business will serve society by helping to build the economy, not just by providing products or services. New businesses create more IT jobs, which foster a stronger economy according to the Wall Street Journal.

Increase your own Salary

You may choose to utilize your own knowledge, and thus, pay yourself more. Be wary, however, of spending extra time watching You-tube videos, reading articles on how to fix your PC, or setting up your new security system. 

It may seem enticing to increase your own salary, but there is a chance it will actually cost your business more if you lack the expertise and experience a hiree might have. If IT work is enjoyable for you, however, and you won’t be wasting much extra time in solving your own IT issues, go for it DIY-style.

Support local Repair Shops

If you have simpler systems in place, and thus fewer IT issues, finding a local repair shop can be a cheaper alternative to hiring a staff member. Sometimes what is needed is simple, as in a piece of hardware that needs cleaning or replacing, or fixing a simple software issue that your local shop could troubleshoot for you. 

As computer literacy becomes the norm,  more and more people need computer repairs, and so computer shops are multiplying. With this kind of demand, repair shops can be found in all areas, not just in business zones.

Improve your Skill Set

You can sustainably run your business on your own in the long-term if you continually learn new skills. You can take online courses or subscribe to newsletters in the field for the latest news in technology and business.

Invest in New Software

In the DIY model, you will have to research new software yourself and download it. You must also ensure you have enough space on your hard drive to install and run the new programs, whether they are accounting programs or word processors. 

If you don’t have enough space, you must make space. And with your business on the line, you must do so effectively and efficiently. If you don’t know how to, you’ll need to learn quickly or delegate the task to another team member who does.

Perks of Outsourcing IT

Combined Expertise

You surely can hire staff to manage your business’ IT, but they may not have quite the extensive wealth of knowledge that an IT company will have.

An IT company that specialises in IT development and repair will have a team that is qualified. By outsourcing, you can probably even save money, as an outsourced company’s fees will be lower than all of the payroll time your staff would accumulate. Plus the IT company will probably have more extensive knowledge than your employee. 

Remote Problem Solving

One benefit of outsourcing IT support, is that you can contact your chosen firm, in some cases 24/7, to help you solve any IT issues. The company can also probably sort the problem remotely, so they don’t have to be in the office and neither do you.

With remote assistance,  your IT firm can connect to your system to find the problem and start solving it immediately.

Reduced downtime results in lowered losses, thus having a service on stand-by 24/7 can lead to higher profits over time. Consider this factor when deciding on your IT support style.

Expanding and Moving Made Easy

Should the time come for your business to relocate to a new site, for more space or a better location, your moving process will be taken care of for you by your outsourced company, if you hire it.

You will be able to keep your business running to the best of its ability mid-move, and also be sure that the system is up in the new office quickly and efficiently.

Even something that seems trivial like packing and then unpacking all of the plugs and cords can become an unexpected nightmare if not done carefully. An IT company is trained and experienced with handling all of the subtle issues that arise during an office move. It will save a lot of headache and valuable time and energy to let them do it for you. You might be upgrading your systems, or your network might need changing to include surveillance. In cases like these, having a specialist company design and install your new systems can make the transition simpler. 

Choosing the Right Option for you

No business has the same needs, but all businesses have similar demands. When it comes to investing in your business, other people’s knowledge can provide immediate returns. Offering a sale on your site, for example, might take you beyond your sales target, but can your site handle the traffic? If it crashes, do you know how to get it up and running? The experts know the answers to these kinds of questions. For a successful business,  become one, hire one, or outsource to an IT firm for all your IT solutions.