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5 Simple Ways To Show Employee Appreciation

Appreciation shouldn’t only be expressed in families and close friendships, it must also be shown in the workplace. Picture yourself as an employee who never received a word of appreciation for your work efforts. How would you feel?

The problem with some managers is that they only appreciate people in their team during important occasions. According to a survey, 40% claimed that they never received any recognition last year. Actually, you don’t have to wait for Christmas or any special day just for you to tell your employees that you value their work. Appreciation should be a continuous process.

It’s a normal thing for humans to crave recognition. Employee appreciation leads to higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, better work relationships and other positive results that make any company succeed.

If you want your office to be a workplace that everyone loves (but you don’t know where to start), below are some quick and easy strategies on how to recognize employees and show them that you care.


1. Say thank you. 

One of the easiest ways to show appreciation to your staff is to say “thank you.” It’s free, effortless, and polite. Even the simplest gestures such as showing up on time during meetings or taking the initiative to help a co-worker in need deserve a thumbs up.

Want to be creative in expressing your gratitude? Leave a thank you note on your employee’s desk. You can write, “Thank you for being an inspiration to everyone,” or “Your act of kindness deserves all our appreciation!”

2. Let them handle tasks that require their leadership skills. 

This is not about giving your brilliant staff tasks they can’t handle. Offering them a leadership role shows that you trust them to make important decisions. Showing appreciation by giving them higher responsibilities allows them to have a greater sense of ownership over their job.

Over time, your employees’ talents will shine brighter as they gain more experiences with the new roles you give them. At the end of the day, your company will benefit more from your skilled staff.

3. Take your employees out to lunch. 

Who doesn’t want free food? Food is a wonderful reward that delights employees. Giving your best employees a special one-on-one lunch treat is a very personalized way of letting them know that they are valued.

Since you’re going to spend time with your great staff, grab the opportunity to engage in friendly conversations with them to get to know them better. You’ll be strengthening your employer-employee relationship at the same time.


4. Give them a paid day off. 

One of the coolest ways to reward your employee for a job well done is to allow him to take a day off from work anytime he wants – to spend time with his family or indulge in his hobbies. You can also have the day off made on his birthday to make it more special, if it falls on a weekday.

A day off is a strong motivator that keeps your best employees happy and more motivated to perform their duties better. They’ll be able to rest and recharge, thereby improving their overall wellness. Who wouldn’t want physically and emotionally healthy employees?

5. “Employee of the Month” board. 

Being able to see one’s photo in an “Employee of the Month” board or recognition wall is priceless. It’s a reward that will forever remain in the hearts of your hardworking employees. They’ll be more inspired to achieve professional growth.

And since a recognition board is a form of public appreciation, your employees will feel more accountable to keep up their good work.

Be specific about your employee’s accomplishment by showing the exact reasons why he deserves everyone’s recognition. Do this through written descriptions and relevant pictures. 


It is important to let your staff know everyday that they are admired for the little things they contribute to keep your company moving forward. Never assume that they’re already aware of your appreciation. Most of all, make sure to give everyone a chance to be recognized. Be genuine. Be fair – don’t play favorites.