What Benefits A Mobile Cmms Software Offers For Facility Managers?

In this age of handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, offering facility managers and technicians the capability to access data like maintenance schedule, work orders, and other information remotely could be a great way to boost business productivity and performance as well. And it can simply be done by implementing mobile CMMS software for your business or organization.Since, computerized maintenance management system is playing a vital role in boosting the maintenance operations amazingly for businesses, there is need to employ a mobile CMMS in order to access necessary data and information in real time to get things done in a best way.

Below are the solid reasons why you should move ahead for mobile computerized maintenance management software right now.

Benefits of Mobile CMMS Software for facility managers

Real-Time data collection and monitoring

By using mobile CMMS software, facility managers and technicians can conveniently add data to the system such as parts used during the repairing or maintenance time spent on each work order, downtime and so on. If there is need to generate maintenance reports on urgent basis, data can be collected quickly to prepare reports. In this way, a company can save its time and energy in terms of data entry and data monitoring etc.

Ability to work on and offline

When using mobile software for maintenance management, a company can open, manage and close its work orders more efficiently even without visiting the company office because the software can be accessed from smartphones to enter data in order to keep tabs on all essential maintenance related data and information.Whether a facility manager is on duty or enjoying the vacations, he/she can report the concerns regarding maintenance issues remotely without facing any troubles. Most of the software comes with feature of adding and storing the data temporarily even without using an internet connection. It enables the workers to utilize the software offline if there is no internet connection available. Once the software connected back to the internet,the temporarily stored data on the device will automatically be synced to the system.

Image uploading made easier

Since all handheld devices (smartphones and tablets) are made with high quality camera lenses, mobile computerized maintenance management software will allow the user to capture and upload the images of equipment or tools that are breakdown or under maintenance to send with reports or for inspection purposes. Through this way, asset damages and major faults can easily be communicated with the concerns to boost maintenance operations. The captured images can also be attached to the work orders or maintenance reports to provide accurate facts and figures effectively.

Code generating and scanning capabilities

Ability to generate and scan barcodes and QR codes is one of the key benefits of mobile CMMS software for facility managers. It can automatically generate bar codes or QR codes for different equipment and tools within moments. After that, users of the software can access the required data of a business asset quickly by scanning the code by using mobile device. Whether it is the matter of preventive or reactive maintenance, in this way, mobile users (workers) can get quick access to useful equipment data, open work orders, maintenance history and photos etc to streamline the maintenance processes.

Improved communication between facility managers & technicians

Use of mobile CMMS for a company or organization enables the facility managers to communicate with technicians in real time and more efficiently to issue or open work orders immediately without wastage of previous time. With help of direct access to the required data and information, the technicians can perform assigned tasks more effectively to reduce the downtime of business assets. In this way, there will be no need to visit a specific physical location for reporting or for any other purpose while working on an open work order or maintenance job. In results, a company can improve and boost its maintenance operations not only to reduce the downtime but to augment the overall business processes as well.