Watch Cricket and Support a Noble Cause

ICC World Cup 2015 is at its most exciting position now. The playoffs are almost done and we are all set to see teams fight to grab their position into semifinals. The best thing about these matches is that teams put their best efforts to win these kind of matches as even a small mistake can ruin their dream of winning the world cup. While Team India is looking strong to get into the Finals, it is sure that it will get a tough competition from teams like Australia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

There is no doubt in the fact that Cricket is not just a game in our country. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Cricket is like a religion where cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and M.S Dhoni are treated like Gods. People are crazy about it. No matter, from which part of the country you belong, you just can’t miss a single match of India and especially when it is World Cup. It is due to this support, love and talent of players, that Team India is riding on such a wonderful winning streak.


While Cricket is giving you the excitement you need, it cannot give you the energy to support your team. For this energy you need to eat and to eat, you need to order food. Now, you can order food from your mobile phone by calling the restaurants or you can just use a single app to order food from your favorite food joint. Yes, we are talking about Food Panda mobile app which allows you to order food from the top food vendor in your neighborhood. This single mobile app can be used to order food from over 100 restaurants which includes food outlets like KFC, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Burger King and many more. The app offers many amazing deals and coupons which works perfectly fine with almost all food outlets. There are many options for payment and you can choose any of it as per your choice. So many features and all these features are free to use. Yes, you read that right, Food Panda App is completely free to use.

watch cricket, eat food and can

Now just imagine if you can watch cricket, eat food and can support a noble cause at a same time. We are talking about a campaign which aims to provide free mid-day meals to students who can’t afford to eat in luxurious restaurants. Ticket to cheer campaign is an initiative which allows you to do this noble cause. The initiative is supported by Food Panda, ESPN CricInfo and a freecharge to help under-served children.

How can you contribute to this campaign?

  • Visit the Food Panda website.
  • Now, in the get involved section click on Ticket to Cheer or click here.
  • Now, you are on the landing page of the website which is running the campaign.
  • Now, select the team which you are supporting and choose the match.
  • Now, you need to buy a ticket which indicates your contribution for the cause. A single ticket costs INR 750 and you can buy a single ticket or 50 tickets.
  • Now, select the payment option and fill in your details.
  • Congrats, you just made a contribution to a very noble cause.

That feeling of proud and happiness when you do something good is just beyond words. For you, 750 means a food order from Food Panda app while for these children it can be their mid-day meal for an entire year. Just think about the change you can make. Remember, “Be the change which you want to see in the society”.