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Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Your Kit For Real Protection!

The Internet is a platform where the risk that your data can be stolen by strangers is quite high. Every day we leave not only our footprints on the Internet, going to various sites that use cookies, but also communicate with friends, relatives, and colleagues in various messengers, many of which do not even encrypt the information we receive or transmit. Also, there is a huge risk that our cash savings will be stolen from our Bank accounts and cards.

Therefore, to maximize the security of your Internet activities and not be afraid that all your data will be stolen by strangers, use Utopia P2P Ecosystem – multifunctional Internet assistant!

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Your Assistant On The Internet!

To ensure a high level of security and safety of data, the ecosystem uses the latest encryption methods, which are based on a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 that reliably protects the data, as well as a 256-bit AES that stores the user’s data. This method is multi-level, and at each stage, it performs a certain function, which provides a 100% guarantee of data safety.

In addition, Utopia is based on a peer-to-peer architecture, which according to many parameters wins the standard technology whether it is E2E or I2P. At the heart of P2P is the complete absence of a single server for storing data of all users. Now, each user is a server for data storage, that is, he is both a peer and a client at the same time.

Complete anonymity of use of the service provides no need to identify yourself: when registering, the user does not enter any data. Instead, the ecosystem generates a unique key that is both the user’s nickname and access to the repository.

The functional component of the ecosystem is provided by a wide range of tools:

  • uMessenger. A new generation messenger that allows you to exchange instant text and voice messages online. You can also create a private conversation and special channels for communication, and then place them on the uMap, for quick search by other users.
  • uMail. An alternative email that has a high degree of security of transferring and accepting files and documents of any format in encrypted form.
  • Idyll Browser. Anonymous surfing provides an ecosystem browser that does not follow users and does not use cookies on sites. This is because Idyll is a closed circular browser in which the necessary sites have already been created, and thanks to uNS technology, each user can create and add new sites.
  • uWallet. To secure your financial transactions will help electronic wallet, which stores Cryptons – cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the help of cryptons, the user can make and accept any financial transactions.
  • Mining Bot. It provides the possibility of additional earnings on surfing the Internet. It accumulates cryptons for the Internet session through Utopia, with the subsequent possibility to use them when making a financial transaction.

Hybrid Mode will help to use the functionality of the ecosystem in one open window, which provides convenient use of several open tools at once.

Don’t waste your time fearing that your data will be stolen and used against you. Focus your attention on work, communication, and entertainment in the Internet space!

Use Utopia and be protected 24/7!