Share your Smartphone With PC With Wondershare MirrorGo

Are you having trouble with handling your smartphone and PC together? Don’t worry. Wondershare MirrorGo is here to the rescue.

Long gone are the days when you need to go through a long process to connect your Android smartphone or iOS device to your PC. With the advent of MirrorGo, you can complete the task in no time and organize your things in a better way.

The software comes for both iOS and Android operating systems. You can mirror iPhone to the PC, shift data to your PC, take recordings and what not. However, before diving into the exciting features of the software, let us discuss its benefits and uses.

Why use Wondershare MirrorGo?

You may wonder that there are tons of software out there which you can use. However, have you ever seen a software that connects both iOS and Android devices with the PC in two-three steps? 

Yes, you heard it right. With MirrorGo, all the tasks can be done within a few clicks of the mouse. Lets see the advantages in detail.

All-in-one package

With MirrorGo, you can share files, take and save screenshots and recordings and handle all the other notifications with your PC. 

Dusk to Dawn Support

If you face any query regarding the functionality of the product, the Wondershare team has a dedicated support team to provide full support and help.

Customer-friendly interface

The interface is relatively easier to navigate than the other options available in the market. You get all the options on the main panel.

Applications of Wondershare MirrorGo

MirrorGo software allows you to connect your smartphone with the PC and ameliorate your structure of working. 


With screen mirroring, now you can present your ideas on a bigger screen with just a click of mouse. You can share all the work on your PC from the mobile and get it done in no time


Enjoy your favorite games on your mobile with better control of the mouse and keyboard of your PC.

Saving vital data and files

No need to worry about running out of storage space on your smartphone. With MirrorGo, you can shift all the important files on your PC and clear the space on your mobile.

Now let us dive into the guides for using both variants of the software.

Complete Guide to MirrorGo Android

Are you getting trouble with handling your Android device and PC? Don’t worry. Use WOndershare MIrrorGo software and share your Android device with your PC and remove the need to use them both separately.

Let us see the features of the software in detail.

Mirror Android Smartphone screen on PC

Think of the time you will save by using the keyboard and mouse to control your Android device. You can do tons of stuff in no time.

You may think that you have to go through a long process of connecting your phone to your PC. MirrorGo is here to prove you wrong. You can complete the whole process in 3-easy steps. However, you need to download and install the MirrorGo Android software on your PC before following the steps given below.

  1.       Connect your Android smartphone with your PC with a USB cable and select Transfer Files.
  2.       Go to the About Phone option in your Setting menu. Open it and click on Build Number seven times. You will get access to the developer options.
  3.       Go to the Developer options and enable the USB debugging option.

You are all set to use the android screen on your PC. You can use your mouse and keyboard to type and do tons of stuff on your shared Android screen.

Transfer files from Android device to PC

Transferring files has never been comfortable with the dawn of MirrorGo Android software. Here are all the steps of the process.

  1.       Mirror your android device with your PC as mentioned above.
  2.       Go to the Files option on the shared screen that will appear on your PC.
  3.       Drag and drop any file you want to transfer on your PC at your desired location.

Save screenshots and recordings

With MirrorGo software, you can take recordings and screenshots on your Android screen in a jiffy with a click of the mouse. Moreover, you can save them on your PC at your desired location. Let us see the steps for both processes.

Take screenshots and recordings

  1.       Mirror your Android device with your PC.
  2.       You will see your Android screen on your PC screen.
  3.       Go to the top right side of the panel. You will see a scissor and play icon.
  4.       Press the scissor icon to take the screenshot and press the play button to take the recording of the screen.

Save screenshots and recording

  1.       Mirror your Android device with your PC.
  2.       You will see your Android screen on your PC screen.
  3.       On the top right side of the panel, you will see the setting options.
  4.       Select it and go to the setting of screenshots and recordings.
  5.       Here you can select the format and desired location where you want to save the screenshots and recordings.
  6.       If you select clipboard, then you can paste the screenshot with the CTRL+V command anywhere on your PC
  7.       If you select the files option, you have to set the path where you want to save the screenshots and recordings. Whenever you take a screenshot or record your screen, the software will automatically save it to the set path.

Complete Guide to MirrorGo iOS

With MirrorGo software, mirroring iPhone with your PC has never been easy. You can share your iOS device’s screen on your PC and stay in touch with all the notifications while working.

Here are some of the features of the software that will allow you to handle both your iOS device and PC smoothly.

Mirror and control iOS device with PC

MirrorGo allows you to mirror iPhone to the PC and also supports other iOS devices. You can complete the process in simple steps. However, before this, you need to download and install the software on your PC. Now, let us see the details of the mirroring process.

  1.       Connect the iOS device and PC to the same Wi-Fi.
  2.       Open screen mirroring on your iOS device, select MirroGo, and voila!!
  3. Now go to the Settings icon on your iOS device.
  4.       Now look for the Accessibility option in the menu.
  5.       Inside the Accessibility option, you will find the Touch option.
  6.       Open it and enable the toggle button for Assistive touch

You are all set and ready to share the screen of your iOS device on your PC. There is no need to connect any wire or go through any long process.

Handle notifications and take screenshots

With MirrorGo, you can handle all the push notifications on your iOS device with your PC.  On top of that, you can take and save necessary screenshots on your local PC storage of PC in a jiffy. Let see the steps for both the features.

Final Verdict

Wondershare MirrorGo allows you to share your smartphone with your PC in no time. You can handle all the necessary functions of your smartphone on your PC while you are working.

Here we have shared all the steps to follow to use all the exciting features of the software. If you are still in any doubt, just download the software and see the magic for yourself.