Integrated Project Management – How Effective Can That Be?

Integrated Project Management is an efficient way to make sure that the various processes in the project are streamlined and coordinated properly. Most of the industries vary in their approach to management and success. With effective management, the work becomes easier to understand and assign. Integrated project management, according to the CMMI standard, helps to achieve this in an optimal approach. Integrated project management is how the whole project is pictured when all the process come together. It helps to put together the inputs required for the project for smooth functioning.

How important is IPM?

The IPM helps to manage and involve the required stakeholders for the project in a defined and tailored process designed by the company. In most of the agile projects, an IPM helps in the smooth functioning of the project. The processes for each project may differ depending on its nature and is customized according to the project needs, based on the company’s processes. Most of these processes decide the stability of the project. When a project comes into the picture, it is important to make a note of all the requirements given by the client, the risks involved in accomplishing the projects, the people assigned, managing and tracking each and every step, configuration management, and much more. With competent IPM software, it is easier to approach the client, design the project, mitigate the risks involved and even provide results that are above the client’s expectations. In order to manage all these effectively, it is important to follow certain measures that keep the project processes in line with the business goals. The integrated management includes developing the project plan, executing the plan, maintaining the change control etc. Nearly all the companies depend on a concrete project management plan to be the success.

Integrated Project Management tools

How does the IPM software help?

Chaos and confusion lead to failure and hence, maintaining a disciplined and strategic approach for your project helps to deliver your goals at ease.  Most of the companies in this competitive world rely on project management software. With an integrated project management software, the risks and the cost involved in the project can be controlled and the results can be improved too. An increasing number of clients are investing in project management tools as they help to access the outcomes, milestones and the risks involved in the project.In the toughest competition, the organization which has a solid and up-to-date process in project management grabs the opportunity rather than the unorganized one. In high-risk projects, most of the clients look into the strategic approach that is cost-effective as well. Every client appreciates smart work, where the project is delivered right on time, with minimum risk involved, and within the budget.

With integrated project management software, it is easier to put together the project goal and the metrics for measuring the overall performance of the project in terms of time and manpower required. Once the resource allocation is done, it is easier to decide where further investment is required. It is easy to analyze the project performance with specific metrics used across the project. In a way, it helps to meet the requirements specified and the overall results of the project within the set budget and time.

Once the goal, risks, and the specifications are decided, the project manager can decide what process needs to be included, to bring out a successful project. In a way, it improves the accountability of the resource responsible for delivering the project. The approach provides better results via monitoring, governing, reporting and overall project performance framework. In this approach, everyone in the team is accountable for the success. Every member of the team is assigned specific tasks and they are responsible for the same. This clearly communicates what is expected of the team member and avoids the bottlenecks in the successful project completion.

Managing the Integrated Project Management tools

Managing the Integrated Project Management tools

With integrated project management tools becoming an integral part of the business, maintaining it manually becomes complex. Many companies are coming into the picture with tools that ease the workflow management. Most of these tools are handy, easy to use, does effective reporting, and even document management. In a way, these tools enhance the workflow and helps you save time and gain clients. The tools help to gain better visibility and better results within the team.

A Project management software helps to prioritize the work and helps you realize the impacts of the project. Measuring the results is possible using the certain guidelines as the project will use certain templates and keep a standard all across the company. Portfolio management and implementing the project management becomes easier with the tool making the work of the Project manager much easier.

Maintaining the training of the resources, defects in the projects and organizing the required documents becomes easier with IPM tools. The requirement mapping helps in easy readability and accessibility of the requirements specified by the client. Maintaining the documents becomes easier with the integrated project management tools. Auditing becomes fast and helps to maintain the standards as per the CMMI standards. Overall, the success of the project is truly dependent on the method adopted for managing the project. Integrated project management software helps to bring in better efficiency and higher levels of success.