How To Install And Use Movie Box

Movie Box is an application which you can use to stream almost any movie or TV show directly to your computer or smartphone. It might sound too good to be true, but this app is the real deal and is a boon for movie buffs who don’t have the time to go out and watch movies in theatres due to their busy schedules. This is an amazingly easy service to use that requires no signing up or any hassles. The best part is that Movie Box is free and has all of the latest movies and TV shows available on demand, where ever you want.


You can use Movie Box on your PC, tablet, and smartphones. The installation is very straightforward and simple:

For PC all you have to do is:

  1. Download BlueStacks Application:
  2. Install this on your PC with administrator access.
  3. After installing this application, download Movie Box from it’s website: http://Movie Box-pc-windows-laptop/
  4. After download the is complete, run the Movie Boxapplication with BlueStack.
  5. BlueStack will then allow you to use Movie Box on your PC’s and laptops using a basic android app simulator.


On an Android phone:

  1. Go to the Movie Box website
  2. The app is called ShowBox on android, so don’t worry if the name is not Movie Box.
  3. Download the application, which will be linked at the bottom of the page.
  4. Before installing the app, you must ensure that your phone allows for installation of apps from unknown sources. (You can turn this off after installing the app if you feel uncomfortable with having this enabled.)

Go to: Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources & Installation of sources other than Play Store.

  1. Now you can continue with the download and click install when you are prompted from the phone.
  2. The install process will begin and take a few moments
  3. The app should be installed and ready to go!


On an iPhone/iPad (Jailbroken Devices):

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Go to the sources section.
  3. Click on add a source.
  4. Add the source:
  5. Once the source has been added, press Return to Cydia.
  6. Now go to the search section of Cydia.
  7. Search for Movie Box
  8. Once the results are available, press on Movie Box.
  9. Click on Install in the top right corner to proceed with installation. Once the installation is done you might be prompted to respring your device, after which you will be able to use Movie Box


All in all, Movie Box is very simple to install and only takes a very basic user to do so. This stands in the sequence of Movie Box being a simple app to use. It hardly takes a couple of minutes to install on any platform and with the platform support being so wide almost any device can be used to access Movie Box. The point of this app is to be very simple and relaxing to use, and the installation process is in line with that train of thought.