Best Android Gaming Tablets Money Can Buy

Android has come a long way and I am not talking about the sweet alphabetical journey it made from A to L and soon M. Well, it is actually indirectly related to these as well as all the new versions brought some great improvements and made Android a solid OS that it is today!

Android as a mobile OS now runs on phones, tablets, watches, TVs and even cars! All this is possible because of its open nature, and this open nature is another reason Android got such great traction is such little amount of time.

Android now runs on a major percentage of devices around the world, and this makes it an excellent platform for the developers to work on which is a cycle that benefits everyone!

You can find some excellent devices running Android. Google actually has their own lineup of devices in the Nexus series and in this series you will find all types of devices running Android.

From Nexus phones to tablets as well as set-top boxes running Android. The Nexus series is an example of how Google sees Android in its pure version.

Since Android is such a big platform for developers, you can actually expect some great apps and games for Android and they do exist on the Play Store which is a centralized store for Android apps, games, movies, songs, books, etc.

When it comes to gaming, Android has some great games, and Android devices have totally taken over the market of portable game consoles. You can have a tablet as well as a phone and run these games on them.

When it comes to gaming, in this era of internet, even gambling is connected. You can go online and play several games like slots for example at and to win real money or to play for fun, your decision.

Anyway, in this post we will talk about some of the best gaming tablets that you can buy. Let’s get right into it.

Nvidia Shield Tablet ($399, 32GB version)


The Nvidia Shield isn’t a gaming tablet just because they have tagged it with that name. It is a gaming tablet in real sense because it can run some great Android games, and it can stream games from your PC to your tablets!

So you will be able to play some of the greatest PC games you have on your Nvidia Shield tablet as well. You will need to have a Nvidia GPU in your PC to be able to stream the games, but the AMD GPU users will also find some great stuff for themselves in the tablet.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 ($429, 32GB Version)


Amazon is a company that has been doing some great things for years. They transformed and became the face of eCommerce, and their web services are great as well. Recently they have been taking a dive into the hardware market after the success of Kindle.

Amazon has its fire series of phone and tablets that run on FORKED version of Android which means you won’t find any Google services on it but you will be able to use all the apps and download them using the Amazon App Store. These tablets are some excellent multimedia devices, and you can use these to consume media from services like Kindle, Prime, etc.

You can also play some great Android games on these devices that make them a great gaming tablet option.

Google Nexus 9 ($599, 32GB Version)


As I mentioned in the post at the inception, Google has its own lineup of tablets and phones under the Nexus series. The Google Nexus 9 is a tablet manufactured by HTC and sold by Google, and it is a great multimedia and gaming tablet. It has just the right size a tablet of 9 inches should have, and it is very comfortable to hold and use.

This makes it easy to use while you are gaming.


So we have listed some of the best tablets that can not only be used for media consumption but they can also be proved to be powerful Android gaming devices. Choose anyone of these and you will be a happy Android gamer!