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AnyTrans for iOS: The Best Way to Manage Your iPhone’s Data

If you have been using an iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, you probably know that transferring files from your device to your computer or vice versa is not that easy. You need to sync your content with iTunes first and then use that app to send files to and from your iOS device. Luckily, with many data manager apps available out there, you no longer need to rely on iTunes.

AnyTrans for iOS is an excellent app to transfer files to and from your iOS devices. This app allows you to add new files to your iPhone and iPad, download files from your devices to your computer, and create full backups of your devices on your machine.

The following describes some of the features that this app has to offer.

Transfer All Your Data in a Single-Click

If you are looking to move all the data from your iOS device to somewhere, say to your computer, manually doing the task will take hours. An easier way to do that is to use AnyTrans’ one-click data transfer feature.

One-click to transfer all your files

This feature lets you quickly select the file types that you want to transfer from your device, and then gets those files copied over to your computer. Within minutes, you should find that all your iPhone or iPad’s files are now available on your Windows or Mac computer.

Make Full Backups of Your iOS Devices

Officially you have two methods to backup your iOS devices. You can either use iCloud or iTunes to backup your iOS-based devices. However, AnyTrans gives you a third option to make backups of your iPhone and iPad devices.

Create iOS backups

This app comes built with a feature that helps make full backups of your devices. You can even create password-protected backups to secure your data in your backups. There are only a couple of screens that you need to go through to make a full backup of your iPhone or iPad.

Transfer Photos Between Your Computer and iOS Devices

Whether you are a photo lover or not, everyone captures photos on their devices. If you have your photos saved on your device, you may sometimes want to share them with your computer. This lets you view your iPhone’s photos on the larger screen of your computer.

Copy photos from iOS to computer and vice versa

AnyTrans for iOS has a feature that lets you preview the photos stored on your iPhone or iPad. You can then pick the photos that you want to transfer to your computer. The app will get your photos moving from your device to your computer. Your photos will then be available for viewing on your machine.

Add Audio and Video Files To and From Your iOS Device

Sometimes, you may want to add a music or video file to your iOS device. This helps you access your media content while you are on the go. This also lets you get new music tracks that your friends or someone you know have downloaded to their computers.

Transfer media files between your devices

With AnyTrans’ transfer capabilities, you can add new audio and video files to your iOS devices with extreme ease. You can also transfer this type of media content from your iOS device to your computer. This way you can get more media content on your phone without any hassle.

Backup Your Personal Files with Eas

Your iOS device stores many types of files for you. Some of these are your contacts, calendars, notes, and so on. If you ever switch your device or you are jailbreaking your phone, you may want to back these data up somewhere safe.

Transfer personal content from the device to your computer

This app allows you to transfer these types of files as well from your device to your computer. Your files are saved in your chosen formats on your machine. You can then read these files on your computer with various popular apps.

Migrate To a New Phone Without Hassle

Buying a new phone is exciting but that excitement only lasts until you start the data migration process. Manually migrating all your data from your old phone to a new one can take days, if you have loads of content stored on your device.

Switch phones easily with Phone Switcher

Luckily, that is not the case with AnyTrans. It allows you to migrate from various devices pretty easily without manually doing much work. You can select what device you are transferring the content from and the app will take care of the rest for you.

Manage Your iCloud Contents

Most iOS users use iCloud to upload and store their important data. However, accessing iCloud from various devices is not that easy. If you find it difficult to access your content in your iCloud account, you can use one of AnyTrans’ features to easily access your iCloud contents.

Manage your iCloud files

iCloud Manager is a function in AnyTrans that lets you log-in to your iCloud account and access the files stored there. You can view your files, download files from iCloud to your computer, and even upload files from your computer to your iCloud account. It is basically a fully-featured tool to manage your entire iCloud account.

Backup and Restore Your Social Conversations

Instant messaging apps nowadays are extremely important. It is highly likely you use a few of these if not several on your devices. You may want to keep backups of your instant messaging conversations in case something goes wrong. If you have a backup, you can restore it to regain access to the lost chats data on your phone.

Backup and restore instant messaging apps data

AnyTrans has a Social Messages Manager that helps you to backup the chats data for various popular chat apps on your device. These apps include WhatsApp, Line, and Viber. With a couple of clicks, you can backup and restore the contents of these apps on your devices.

Download Media from Various Sources

Downloading content on your iOS devices has always been a painful task. You cannot receive files from other devices via Bluetooth. Also, you cannot easily download files from websites like you can on an Android device. iTunes is mostly the only way to add new content to your phone.

Get new media content on your devices

AnyTrans has something called Media Downloader that helps you download media files from various websites to your computer. You can find your favorite content using the search feature. You can then download that content to your computer and get it transferred to your iOS device. This helps you quickly get your favorite audio or video file to your iPhone and iPad devices.

Make and Add Ringtones to Your iOS Devices

Your iPhone offers you several ringtones to choose from for your incoming calls. However, you may not always find your favorite tone there. If that is the case, you may need to create a custom ringtone out of your music file on your device.

Make ringtones for your iOS devices

Ringtone maker is a feature in AnyTrans that allows you to cut your media files and turn them into iPhone-compatible ringtones. You can then use these custom ringtones as your default ringtone on your iOS device.

Get New Apps on Your iPhone and iPad

Your iOS device comes loaded with the App Store to help you find and get new apps on your devices. However, it is not the most user-friendly app that you will use. Many times you cannot find the app you are looking for, or the App Store crashes for some reason.

Search for and download apps on your iOS devices

AnyTrans resolves that issue for you by letting you download apps for your iPhone or iPad on your computer. You can fire-up AnyTrans, connect your device, search for your app, and get that app installed on your device in no time. It is as easy and simple as that.

Mirror the Screen of Your iPhone and iPad to Your Computer

Screen mirroring is a useful thing in many scenarios. Maybe you are in school and you want to show your presentation to the students. Or maybe you want others to view certain content from your phone on the large screen of your computer.

View your iOS device’s screen on your computer

AnyTrans comes with the screen mirroring function to help you display your iPhone or iPad’s screen on your computer. You can even record and take a screenshot of your iOS device’s screen on your computer.

How to Transfer Your Files with AnyTrans for iOS

AnyTrans for iOS makes transferring files between your iOS devices and computer easier. If you want to give the app a try, you may probably want to find how it works. The following teaches you just that.

Step 1.

Download, install, and launch the AnyTrans for iOS app on your computer.

Step 2.

Connect your iOS device to your computer and click on Content to Mac in the app.

Transfer content from iOS to computer

Step 3.

Select the file types that you would like to transfer from your iOS device to your computer. Then, click on Next at the bottom.

Choose the file types to transfer

Step 4.

Wait while the app transfers your selected content type to your computer.

Transferring selected files

Step 5.

You will see the following when your iOS device’s data is transferred to your computer.

Selected files successfully transferred

That is all it takes to transfer data from your device to your machine.


Admit it, iTunes is not the easiest way to transfer files to and from your iOS device. AnyTrans fills that gap by providing you with a clean and organized interface for transferring your files. You can use this app to transfer all types of files and even get new files from the web on your device.