5 Types Of Cloud Computing Services

The advances in information technology witnessed in the recent past are just impressive. As a result of these advances, it is possible to achieve more for individuals and businesses. One of the fonts that have proven to be a game changer in the industry is cloud computing. The technology allows delivery of a wide range of computing services over the internet. Services in this category would include, storage, servers, analytics, databases, software, and networking. With cloud computing, services are deployed rapidly with minimum management. Cloud computing can be categorized into five main categories as discussed below.

1. Infrastructure as a service, IaaS

As the name suggests, this is the process of providing computing infrastructure as a service. In this concept, the business does not have to make the designs or even purchase the equipment. Due to the element of shared and only using what you need as at of that time, this is cheaper as businesses tend to have more than they need. Also, there is also the element of specialization, and this makes your business get top-notch services at much lower costs, and this is the same cost in outsourcing.

IaaS offers service such as servers, connections, and storage spaces over the internet. IaaS is the primary service in cloud computing, and as a matter of fact, all the other cloud computing services ride on this service. However, an organization that is willing to deploy has to be also prepared to handle the complexities that come with this mode of computing though the reward of this is unlimited flexibility. ResoluteTS IT support and help desk can help your business with this service.

2. Platform as a Service, PaaS

Platform as a service is a unique service that allows users to deploy their applications to different platforms and use them seamlessly. The alternative to this is to deploy the application to every server instance every time you need to upgrade, or changes are done to the application. Now, the process of doing this is quite tedious and not to mention expensive. As a result, it makes more sense to outsource this element of the application development to concentrate on innovation and improvement.

3. Software as a Service, SaaS

Of all the cloud computing types, Software as a service is the most popular. Essentially, SaaS involves delivering and licensing of software for use over the internet as they are centrally hosted. The pro to this is that it is extremely reliable because the software can be deployed globally as long as there is an internet connection.

4. Testing as a Service, TaaS

TaaS is an interesting product where testing is conducted by a service provider as opposed to the employees within the organization. The testing is mainly on the internal processes or final products and is aimed at giving credibility and assurance.

5. Storage as a service

Storage as a service offers a unique way of storing your data and being in a position of accessing it anytime you access the internet and from any device. Ideally, it is a sub-division of IaaS.

As illustrated above, most of the five types to a large extent tend to depend on each other. As a result, with this info, the process of choosing a solution that will match the requirements of your business is now easier. When this is done appropriately, your business is bound to leap a lot of benefits from this mode of computing.