Your Favourite Transformers Now In VR

For a little while it seemed as if VR might be a trop the would come and go – the games that had been developed for virtual reality didn’t look particularly great and were a little clunky to play, and the hardware required was also quite bulky and expensive too – but in recent years we’ve seen VR come along way with a lot of improvements and it’s starting to look less like a trope and more like a future permanent fixture.

One of the bigger recent introductions has been found in mobile gaming as many of the requirements are a bit lower, particularly within mobile casinos and betting sites as many operators are trying to driver a more realistic and social experience – despite recent changes in regulation such as the gamstop initiative aimed at preventing players from accessing these services Max Casino’s list of sites not on gamstop continues to grow.

Late last year however it was announced that the hugely popular Transformers franchise would be getting its own entry into the VR world with a location based VR experience through the title of Transformers: VR Battle Arena. The concept of the game is simple – the allspark has been broken into multiple pieces and scattered across three different maps – a large cityscape, a refinery, and some docks – you either get to these locations to gather the pieces or defeat other players; whoever has the most shards at the end of the match wins.

The demo of the game that was available featured two of each of the autobots and decepticons giving players the choice between Optimus Prime or Bumblebee for the former, or Megatron or Soundwave for the former. It would probably be expected that as development continues other big names in the transformers universe would become available for players to try.

Whilst still looking rather rudimentary in the demos offered at the end of last year and the start of this year, virtual reality is gaining a lot of traction and tech behind it is improving extremely quickly so as long as the basics are in place there are a great number of performance enhancements that can be made over time – with hardware costs also dropping too and becoming available to the consumer at a very fast rate it may not be long before we see VR as a common feature in many households.

Whatever your leaning  toward VR though, bringing a big blockbuster name like Transformers to a game like this is very exciting, and with a location based system being able to transform your hometown in to a robot fighting arena will surely bring out the inner  kid in most of us who at one point or another would have imagined such a thing happening – whilst there’s no announced expected released date, it’s not hard to imagine it isn’t too far away with the demo looking quite fleshed out with primarily final details and quality of life additions needing to be added to round it all out.