Xbox One Games Releasing This Q4 2016

The future is bright for the Xbox One. With 2016 more than halfway through, great games continue to spew out from top developers. Here are the next big games that you should look forward to this 4th quarter of 2016:

Forza Horizon 3 | Release Date: September 27, 2016:

Hailed as one of the most enjoyable racing series around. The game takes you in open worlds, with a plethora of awesome race types scattered around the map, reminiscent of Need for Speed and Burnout Paradise. The race takes place in Australia, so you can expect to ride vehicles in all manner of environments from highways, to the dunes, and even forests. You can also invite up to three of your friends for some good old co-op racing.

Gears of War | October 11, 2016:

Four Gears of War has passed. Now, Epic Games have moved on from the Xbox 360 franchise, leaving Microsoft to do its bidding. And since Gears of War is a well-known name, Microsoft entrusted the new franchise to The Coalition (formerly Black Tusk Studios). We know little about the game as of now, but the trailer is, shall we say – epic.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience | October 11, 2016:

 This epic collection includes the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain along with its prologue Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Both of these already include all of their DLC material. As a plus, the multiplayer Metal Gear Online experience is already included as well.

Final Fantasy XV | November 29, 2016:

Tells a story of a young king sworn to defend the last crystal in the world from the evil “hectic order” residing outside the kingdom. This is a fight between the modern and ancient technology, as well as the struggle of a king to protect the old ways. Features picturesque combat action, immersive graphics, and innovative gameplay that pushes the limits of modern hardware.

Darksiders |TBA 2016:

Drawn by the legendary book artist Joe Madurera (The Ultimates, X-Men, Battle Chasers), post-apocalyptic, demon-ravaged world of Darksiders is filled with evil forces that prematurely brought the end of time. The player takes the role of WAR, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. You embark on a journey of vengeance against the forces that betrayed you atop your phantom steed RUIN. Combines open-world exploration, an engaging combat system, and a wide arsenal of mythical and modern weapons.


H1Z1 | TBA 2016:

You are one of the last remaining humans in a world ravaged by H1Z1 zombie virus. Every choice you make matters, and every moment is borrowed time, making every breathe a blessing before the inevitable comes. If you don’t want to join the scores of undead, you need to be resourceful and cutthroat. Scavenge, build, craft items while protecting yourself from zombies, roaming beasts, and fellow humans.

For Honor | TBA 2016:

Perhaps one of the most hyped up game in this list -and for good reasons. The game boasts a hand-to-hand combat system dubbed as “The Art of Battle” by the developers and allows players to play the roles of historical warriors such as medieval knights, samurai, and Vikings in a Medieval setting.

There you have it! Just a bit more and you’ll be able to buy and play these games! Looking for great games to play while waiting for these awesome titles? There’s a choice of Xbox One games at Harvey Norman for you to enjoy! And hey, you can have them delivered for free straight to your doorstep! Check it out.