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World Football Championship 2014 with a Mobile Phone Signal Booster


In the shortest time, all the humankind will enjoy the biggest sporting event of the 4 years – World Football Cup in Brazil. Fans from all over the world will rush to this Latin country to see the matches between the most famous teams and support the best and the most talented footballers of the world.

A Fly in the Ointment

However, alongside with the greatness of the sporting occasion, this event is doomed to be the most scandalous and problematic.  It is considered like this because of the following reasons. There are numerous mass people’s riots against the authorities’ decision to knock down the slums in order to build the championship stadium. Workers set up the strikes demanding salaries increase all the time. Constant clashed with the police do not surprise anyone in the country. The World FIFA representatives have certain fears about the readiness of some sports facilities for the competitions.

Cell Phone Coverage Issue

Besides, specialists say that there are going to be problems with cellular phone coverage in Brazil, and every tourist who came to see the championship may suffer from poor mobile phone perception.

The problem is getting more acute, because everybody is rushing to finish all the other work as soon as possible, but mobile phone operators seem to do nothing at all to eliminate the trouble for the coming competitions.

World Competitions Set High Standards for Everything

When we speak about such world events, the standards should be supreme, but it does not work with Brazil, although they are trying to do their best.


A Mobile Phone Booster is a Solution

The only solution that may really save the whole situation with cell phone coverage is the installation of a mobile phone signal repeater.

This is a universal solution for all the areas of the championship. This device has been designed to make a cell phone signal better under all the circumstances by connecting to the operator’s tower and amplifying the signal in the best way possible.

Due to the fact that there are various types of signal boosters, they can be fixed in fan zones, hostels and hotels, stadiums etc, i.e. every place connected with the World Football Cup 2014.

Any Other Ways Out?

It seems to be the best solution ever, as people need to share their impressions by calling each other, by making pictures and downloading them to the social networks etc. A big army of journalist will cheer such a decision, as they seem to need stable cell phone coverage all the time.

A mobile phone signal booster is a great way out for everybody.

Let us hope that the authorities and local mobile phone operators will take this solution into consideration, and create an unforgettable feast for fans and local people in Brazil.