WordPress’s Entrepreneurial Effect on the Web

Image taken from Ryan Boren's Flickr stream (ryancboren).

Google, Facebook, and Twitter have made a tremendousimpactontheweb.Eachhas millions of visitors flocking to their sites each day. Even though it does not get the media attention of those three, WordPress has also made its own unique web impact. This free software program has given millions an easy and convenient way of getting their message out to the public. In addition to providing users with an easy-to-use message delivery system, the program has also given birth to an entrepreneurial market that provides products and services related to WordPress. The following are the three main markets.

Theme Development

A major convenience of WordPress is the ease at which the look and feel of a website can be transformed by simply changing the site’s theme by clicking a few buttons. To give WordPressusersmore theme options to choose from, many web developers started their own theme development business.

To market their skills, some developers provide free themes with their logo or company name located at the bottom of a theme. The logo identifies the developer as the designer of the website to potential clients. However, the most creative and feature-rich themes are the commercial orpremiumthemes. These premium theme developers produce an assortment of themes that can be used in a wide variety of website establishments, such as appliance sellers and children’s charities. There are still, of course, the standard premium themes that are developed for blogging. But, there are also themes designed particularly for displaying portfolios, promoting businesses, or running magazines. However, if WordPress users can’t find a premium theme to fit their needs, there are also many custom theme developers that users can contact to develop the exact theme that they are looking for.PluginsAnother market that has opened up in support of WordPress is plugin development. Plugins allow website owners a means to quickly add software enhancements to their website without having to reprogram the entire site. This is made possible because of the base design of the WordPress application. To add a plugin, WordPress administrators can go to the program’s plugin administration section to search for and add a new plugin. Once the plugin is activated, the service is added to the website.

Even though there are thousands of plugins to choose from, the plugins that offer some of the most complex features are the premium plugins. Many of these plugins allow a WordPress site administrator to conduct e-commerce transactions, manage security, and organize subscribers. There are even premium plugins that allow the administrator to setup job boards and conduct auctions.

Books and Videos

Even though WordPress is a very simple application to use, it has a very complex software structure. Because of its complexity, there have been hundreds of books written about the application. The subjects written on this application range from simple how-to books, which include details on how to install the application, to more advance subjects, which primarily deal with how to create themes and plugins. There are also books that discuss how to enhance WordPress using the popular scripting language, JavaScript, carried out with the appliance of jQuery and Ajax.

For those individuals who are visual learners, there are also establishments that offer WordPress video tutorials. These premium tutorials can be found online at many popular tutorial sites, or the video tutorials can be purchased on DVDs. These tutorials also discuss the subjects of how to use the WordPress application and how to develop themes and plugins.

In short, the development of WordPress has paved the way to many ventures for entrepreneurial-mined individuals. With WordPress usage growing, premium theme development promises also to be a growing market. Plugin development, such as for e-commerce plugins, which can be used to sell products ranging from software, books, and even major appliances, also promises to be another growing market. And as long as WordPress usage grows, users of the application are going to need instructional books and videos to guide them through its many features and functions.