Wondershare UniConverter- An All-In-One Solution to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Wondershare UniConverter- An All-In-One Solution to Make Your Videos Stand Out

Who could have imagined that the universe would evolve so much that digitalization would become a daily norm? There is no denying the fact that the wave of digitization has impacted us so much that our existence without it is impossible. Nowadays, with the advent of the online arena along with compatible devices, we have plenty of digital content to keep us entertained. 

And when the context is about converting video and audio files to your desired format, you just can’t look past Wondershare Uniconverter. It is a popular platform for transferring, converting and editing various forms of media. The vendor offers audio and video conversions to over a large number of formats. The most popular formats are MPEG, MP4, FLV and WMV. So let’s take a glance at the various ways in which this software makes video and audio conversion easy.

Functional modules of UniConverter

Well, there is no doubt that the functional modules of the UniConverter set it apart from its rivals. Here is the list of the functional modules of this popular video converting tool.

  • Download

You have to provide the URL of the streaming media to download the content. You can also schedule your downloads to automate the whole process. 

  • Convert

Once you add the file to be converted, just click on the convert option. You can also change the file format as per your preference. 

  • Burn

As the name suggests, this section is especially meant for creating DVDs. You can also select various settings like aspect ratio and output quality. 

  • Toolbox

The toolbox section is not for any single purpose. It usually presents a plethora of options in two categories. 

  • Transfer

With this module, you can quickly transfer audio and video files to any device. UniConverter usually facilitates fast transfer between devices.  

Benefits of using Wondershare UniConverter

One of the highlighting traits of UniConverter is that it also has its own online version. You can go through to convert video and audio files easily without downloading the software on your computer. The main advantages offered by UniConverter are conversions to a versatile number of formats, video/audio editing and lifetime updates. So let’s take a glance at the various features of this amazing video conversion tool. With UniConverter, you can also compress mp4 to save space on your device.  

  • Diverse formats

UniConverter lets you rip DVD movies to video into a vast range of formats such as MP4, WMV and MPEG. Interestingly, you can also convert them into highly-optimized device formats. 

  • Video and audio editing

Quite phenomenally, you can import videos to various video editing platforms. Moreover, this tool can also be used to record video and audio. It also supports the screen capture feature. 

  • Smartphone and camera support

This implies that you can easily transfer files from your smartphone and camera to UniConverter and vice-versa. Note that UniConverter supports both Android and iOS. 

  • Lifetime updates

When you buy Wondershare UniConverter, you are eligible to get updates for the lifetime. In other words, you can get added functions to ensure that you can convert newer forms of video. 

How to convert video files to audio using UniConverter?

Interestingly, UniConverter allows you to extract audio files from over 1000 video file formats. But before commencing with the conversion process, first launch the software. Let’s take a glance how to convert video to audio using UniConverter. 

Step 1- Adding the video

With the add files option, you can select and add the files you want to convert. Click open to proceed. 

Step 2- Select the output format of the audio file

You can select the dropdown menu beside the convert all menu to get the output format list. Click the audio format tab in the top and choose your preferred output format from the left sidebar. 

Step 3- Conversion of video to audio

You can click the convert or convert all option to start converting the video to your selected audio format. 

Step 4- Finding the extracted audio file

After the process ends, you would find the audio file under the converted tab. 

Wrapping Up

Well, it is evident from the above discussion that Wondershare UniConverter indeed lives up to its reputation. With its versatile features, it is unarguably one of the preferred video converting tools for a lot of individuals.