Wondershare Data Recovery – Easily Recover Deleted Files

Imagine this scenario – You just finished up with a 100-page document you have to submit tomorrow, and you delete it mistakenly along with other files. You even empty the recycle bin without realizing that you have one important file in the queue. You find next day that IT’S GONE! What would you do?

Believe it or not – there’s still a way out to get those deleted files back, and it’s no rocket science. Wondershare Data Recovery can help you with that. Before you think that it’s nothing but a joke, here’s some logical talk on this:

How Wondershare Data Recovery Works

When you delete your files from your disk, they aren’t actually deleted. Yes, those files still exist on your system, and they remain there until they’re overwritten by another file. This means, until your data is overwritten by something else, you can get it back – no matter if it is a day, a month or even a year old.

Features of Wondershare Data Recovery

Wondershare Data Recovery is an awesome software. It’s not yet another ordinary data recovery software; it’s easy-to-use features make it something more than that. Here are they:

You’ll never be stuck

You will be greeted with a data recovery wizard the first time you open the data recovery software. The wizard is your all-time helper with data recovery. You can choose to disable this wizard once you get familiar with the app. But until you’re new to this, the wizard is a boon.


Supports every file type

If you remember your lost file’s extension, you can define it to the data recovery software. This actually makes the work easier and quicker for the software – since it can blindly ignore the other file types. You can choose between photos, audio, videos, office files and e-mails.


If you don’t remember the extension, no worries either. Simply select the “All File Types” option, and you’re good to go.

Supports all disk types

Recover from anywhere you want to –your hard disk partition, USB Flash Drive, your libraries (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos) or even your recycle bin. Wondershare Data Recovery is capable enough to hunt for your file from any of these places. Likewise, if you don’t remember from where you deleted the file, there’s an option for that too!


It’s not just that!

The above-mentioned features would have made your work easier, and you probably would recover your lost file with them, but in case the matter is a bit complicated, and you’re still stuck, the software brings with it these two additional features:

  • Deep Scan: As the name suggests, this feature will make the software go a little deeper to recover formatted files with complete folder structure. It would take more time for sure, but you should not hesitate for that since it’s the guaranteed solution!
  • Raw File Recovery: What would you do if you don’t even remember your file name? Does that mean it’s the end? Not the case with Wondershare Data Recovery! Raw File Recovery feature would sort the recovered files according to their extension. Thus, you can browse among those files and take the ones you actually Easy?


There are basically three options for you. Grab a 1 year license for 1 PC for $30 or get a lifetime license for $40. If you have multiple systems, around 2 to 5, you can get lifetime licenses of them for $100.


The pricing is relatively cheap for what you’re getting, isn’t it?


I hope you liked my review, and more importantly, liked Wondershare Data Recovery. What are your thoughts on this? I am sure it can be pretty helpful for anyone.

If you have any queries, let us know through the comments section below!