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Wireless Charging Technologies and their Implications

Technology is improving, and it seems like every month we are offered a new device that is smaller and faster than the one previously released. It is a pretty exciting time, but soon we won’t have anymoreoutletstoplugallthese devices in. This is where technology comes in, once again, to save the day with new wireless charging devices.

Wireless charging has the potential to be huge. The technology powering it is still fairly new and has only been around for a couple of years. Many companies are hard at work attempting to develop it further. It seems unreal that phones can be charged by being laid down a flat board, butitis a bit more involved in that.

Power board

These mats/boards that provide the wireless charge to your devices have more going on than meets the eye. There is a magnetic attraction between the devices and each access point on the mat. These access points have magnetic charges that provide the amount of energy necessary to fully charge the device before powering it down. Continuing to charge devices after they are fully charged affects the battery life.

What lies ahead

This type of technology could be useful and beneficial to a number of different companies across various fields. Ford and Chrysler are working to develop this wireless technology for use in electric vehicles and hybrids that need to be plugged in. General Motors has invested $5 million in Powermat, a fairly new, wireless charging company, to assist them in developing the technology for their vehicles. This is a big move for GM after going through the highly publicized bankruptcy a couple of years ago. Now they are back and making a move by pushing the envelope for innovation.Wireless charging technology is set to become the norm in the future as companies are looking to add it to refrigerators, coffee makers, blenders, and most other household appliances. But that is not all. New wireless technology is being developed for travel purposes and in the office space for businesses. Photographers both amateur and professional would appreciate wireless charging ability for camera batteries. The possibilities are endless and the future is on the path towards more wireless technology.

At the moment

Currently the wireless chargers available work with a number of cell phones and iPods. All of the most popular smart phones can be charged wirelessly including Android, iPhone, and the Blackberry. If you lay your phone down on the mat it will not charge. You need to replace the original battery pack with one that is compatible with your wireless mat. This goes back to the magnetic attraction between the device and mat that was mentioned earlier. The power packs that come with the mat are the same size as the original battery packs so no additional pieces need to be purchased, simply swap them and let the wireless charging begin.