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Windows 10 Pro just $12.26 on GVGMall: In-depth Review with Discount Code (TECH20)

Windows 10 Pro just $12.26 on GVGMall

There are chances that you may be still using an older version of windows. Though the latest version could cost you a bit more than the usual price. You are in for luck as gvgmall is offering the same Microsoft’s Windows 10 pro OEM CD-Key Global for just $12.26 which is 20% off from the original price of $15.32.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-Key Global

Microsoft’s personal computer operating system needs no introductions. It is the most widely used operating system on personal computers. The latest version which is Windows 10 was released in July 2015 and initially, all the computers which were earlier running windows were given the chance to upgrade to the latest version for free.

It has been designed to be user-friendly and compatible with most hardware. You should not worry if you own some old peripherals as windows 10 pro supports them all. The latest version has been made such that everything that you do is optimized without putting extra pressure on your CPU.

Even the old internet explorer which was known for its poor user interface has been revamped an EDGE which is fast and very well designed. With the latest Windows 10 Pro, users can involve themselves in multiple tasks using a single view and be able to create virtual desktops so that they can get more space by creating different projects.

Entertainment has got better with this version of windows. You can play a wide variety of games across platforms like Nintendo and Xbox one. What’s even better is the fact that now you get all of this package at just $12.26 from gvgmall. To begin, you need to download the windows software from here and then use the code.

Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global

What could be better than you getting 20% discount even on the amazing Office2016 Professional Plus CD Key Global. Now you can avail the discounted price of $29.70 compared to the original price of $37.12. Remember the discount is applicable only on pc and not to be used for a MAC system.

If you are going to download the pro version of office2016 then its easy to assume that you may be already using it for your work. The office2016 professional has a lot of features that are going to make your work a breeze. You can create forms, databases, manage pdf, design presentations and organize your emails.

Hitman 2 Steam CD Key (3% Game code: TECH3)

You must be living under the rock if you have never played the very popular Hitman 2 made by Steam. A game that captured the attention of every true gamer with its awe-inspiring graphics and gameplay. This version is a huge improvement compared to the last version. You can pick up contracts in beautiful locations like Japam. Sicily & India.

Execute your roles using a diverse range of ammo and snipers. You are sure going to love the game. Excited for more, you can get this popular game for 3% off the price which is at just $33.95 compared to the original price of $35.00. Download the game and avail the code here.