Mobile Phones

Why to Choose an Affordable Smartphone Instead of a Flagship

The tech media is swarming with news about the latest flagship handsets released by all the major smartphone makers, presented at various industry events during the year. These handsets are all beautiful and stylish, filled with all the latest innovations in their field, but they are a dream for most of us, which we will never reach. Or maybe we shouldn’t even dream about them, as there are many more models to choose from that are a much better choice not just for our budget, but also for our daily needs.

Let’s face it – a flagship handset released by [enter your favorite smartphone brand here] has loads of technologies crammed under its hood that we will hardly ever use. All those special innovations like fingerprint scanners, NFC, super high speed internet capabilities and others are useless if you don’t need them, but you still have to pay for them if you want the smartphone of your dreams.

So let’s take a look at flagship phones from a different perspective – of how much we have to pay for them and what we get in return.


First of all, flagships usually have a prohibitive price tag attached to them, or come in special deals from carriers that will cost you an arm and a leg each month. Most of the times this is a price too high you pay for showing off with your latest acquisition. Another reason not to choose flagship handsets is that they focus on all the wrong things – high performance graphics, high quality audio, super high resolution screens and super high speed connections – while often leaving things like security, usability and battery life issues unresolved.


If you ask me, battery life is much more important than any other aspect of the handset. All the technologies and super features are useless if your battery doesn’t store enough power to use them. If you take a look at the evolution of the mobile phone as a whole, you will see that older models, although they didn’t allow their users to play the best online video poker games at red flush online casino, they allowed them to communicate – initiate and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages – for days between two charges. With the release of the first smartphone things changed a lot – if a smartphone lasts two days with a single charge (with average usage) it is considered one with an unusually long battery life. And with every new technology crammed under its hood the battery life tends to be smaller and smaller.

The focus on usability, battery life and price makes affordable handsets a much better choice for the everyday smartphone user. And if you want to use [insert latest technology here], wait for the next handset to be released – it will have it for a much lower price.