Social Media

Why is Your Social Media Campaign Failing?

Now let us caption your pain. You push your social media marketing for all you are worth but still get nothing from it. Well, I can see your pain.

Mynewsdesk reports that about 95% of businesses fail to leverage their online presence while using social media strategies. This is a shocking number. Why is this so? To answer the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question, we shall focus on the six huge mistakes you do that the 5% success business avoids at all costs.

Here are the six huge mistakes you are making that are clipping your social media campaigns.


You treat social media as an advertising bullet board

In most cases, your contents on your social media networks are mere shout outs on your offers, discounts, and promotions. You do not inform your audience or answer their provocative questions.

The contests, content, and freebies giveaway you post are not related to your brand. This kind of strategy drives traffic to your landing page but do not generate clients to buy your products.

You post same content over and over

When your audiences read one post repeatedly, they get bored and leave. You are not mindful of what you post on your social media networks. The content you post should keep your audience engaged with informative and interesting content related you brand. It is like wearing the same cardigan each day for the rest of the year.

You do not identify your audience

You do not identify your audience

Do you have the target audience in mind before starting your social media marketing? If no, then, there if the mistake. Others may have the audience in mind, but they do not know how to engage them.

Any bid to reach the clients by promoting products and services through sending contents will end up being spammy. You only reach a group of internet users who – sorrowfully – do not care.

Too many. Very few posts

Well, this may be confusing. Few or many posts? Where is the cutline? How often do you post on your social media network? They say you should, for instance, tweet 10 to 20 times per day. This means, do not post once in a month and expect positive results; however, avoid posting as if you are in love. Have a schedule.

You do not build relationships

Maybe you post quality content, regularly as it is expected, you have identified your audience, but you fail in building a relationship with your audience. This means that you do not respond to the readers comment, you do not answer their questions or comment on others posts. You may have all the likes and followers but if you do not interact with your audience, your social media campaigns will always head south.

You are inauthentic or insincere

Finally, again, you may have all the followers and likes you may possibly accumulate but if your contents are not authentic, you will never get away with it. Again, you may portray your business as being MacDonald but in a real sense you are not, well, not of that level. Show yourself to your audience as whom you really are. BE SINCERE. It pays. Give your audience your real though thought, opinions, and shove your personality right into their faces.

There you have it. The six deadly mistakes that are pulling your social media campaign down. Reconsider your social media social media strategy and see yourself jumping right into the 5% of the successful business.