Why EMR Training is Essential for Clinic Management

Why EMR Training is Essential for Clinic Management

You made the right decision investing in a NextGen EMR system for your clinic. You had the system integrated and customized to fit your exact needs and requirements. However, a tool is only as good as its users. To make the best out of your investment, you need to train your employees on how to use EMR Software properly.

Sure, online tutorials and YouTube videos might come in handy in teaching them the basics, but if it’s time and effort-efficient results you’re after, consider hiring an outside consulting company that offers NextGen EMR training for employees. Such services make sure no employee remains in the dark on what’s happening, and that everyone gets updated with new information as the system grows with the clinic.

It’s understandable to have doubts about investing in additional costs. But some of the reasons why EMR training is essential for clinic management include:

Patient Satisfaction

Employees who know how to work the electronic system can streamline your patients’ experience by reducing wait-time, miscommunication, and missing documents. Also, they can manage to do all of that at exceptional speeds thanks to automation, which’s something patients will appreciate since most value their time.

The number of patients who trust electronic records and EMR systems over traditional files is increasing, but so is the number of cyberattacks in the health industry. Having a well-trained staff that could answer all of a patient’s security concerns can increase their trust in your facility and overall satisfaction in your services. People are also becoming more aware of the risks and benefits of tech, and so should your care providers. 

Connecting Administrators and Staff

Holding communal training workshops or sessions for your employees can strengthen their relationship with one another. Having an open space for learning and asking questions helps the administrators better understand where the staff is in their technical knowledge and what concerns they may have over using a new system.

Not to mention, training sessions often result in employees working together as a team. According to research by Queen University of Charlotte, almost 75 percent of employers rated collaboration and teamwork as “very important” in the workplace. They also found that teams often self-monitor and self-motivate. Teams tend to come up with creative solutions for problems as they turn up and are more likely to help each other out.

Leveling the Playing Field

You need to take into consideration that the majority of your staff are from a medical background and have little technical experience. While some coming from a background in tech might know their way around any software, that most likely won’t be the case for the majority. In addition, even ones with technical experience might’ve never used a NextGen EMR system, while others might not have any experience.

A professional training consultant can accommodate the different levels of expertise. This guarantees that no employee gets left behind when it comes to working with automation and digitalization.

Getting what You Paid For

You probably already know that implementing and maintaining a complex EMR system is quite costly. However, just because the system is expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to do all of the work. A specialized system needs specialized people to run it. Otherwise, it’s good for nothing. Training your employees will enable you to use every single feature available without loss or compromise.

Knowledgeable employees tend to make fewer system mistakes. This means that investing in your employee’s training can cut down on future maintenance and downtime costs as the system isn’t being unintentionally misused.

Unlocking Your Practice’s Potential

The main purpose of using expensive software to manage your business and automate most of the background work is to allow it time and energy to grow and reach its fullest potential. When employees are no longer wasting time on repetitive and simple tasks, they can direct more of their attention on taking better care of their patients and even see a larger number of patients, allowing the clinic to steadily grow without compromising on either quality service or loads of money.

Don’t Quit Halfway Through

The reality is, you have already invested a small fortune into integrating a NextGen EMR system into your practice. You have done the hard part that takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice, don’t let it all go to waste by leaving it in the hands of under-trained employees. While business management systems might be something relatively new, they will soon become the norm, and the competition will skyrocket. Get a head start and automate your business properly.