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Why Don’t We Trust Online Services?

The internet has evolved a lot since its inception in the 1970s. This global computer network has grown from a knowledge sharing tool reserved for universities and researchers into an widespread, almost global tool with an incredible variety of uses. Some use it for business, others for pleasure. Some use it to keep in touch with others, learn or play games, others use it to service accounts, promote their products and make a living off of it. But no matter how useful and secure some online services might be, many look at them with reservation. Some people don’t trust anything online, preferring to use the old ways of pen and paper, or personal visits to the bank. Why?

Actually, there are a variety of reasons for people not trusting the internet in general.

1. Scams

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Scams are not a new phenomenon. Just think of how many alchemists promised to turn lead into gold, or how many miracle healers sold their snake oil in the past. These scams evolved with technology, making their way into our everyday lives using the internet as a medium.

A person fooled once by a web shop will think twice, three times before ordering online again.

The secret to avoid being the victim of a scam is to choose trustworthy, easily identifiable suppliers for products and services ordered online. And, of course, not to believe in miracles.

Most people think real money online gaming portals – one of the most lucrative online industries – is filled with scammers. Nothing could be more wrong. Actually the gaming industry is among the most heavily regulated ones ever. The Red Flush Casino Canada, a well known provider of online slots and other games, is among the safest places internet users can trust with their money and their personal details. And it will do anything to protect its reputation, too – its business literally depends on this. The Red Flush Casino will go to lengths to protect its users’ personal and banking details from any kind of outside access. Its safety is continuously monitored by its own personnel as well as by independent bodies safeguarding its safety and fairness.

2. Control

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Many people feel that if they use online services they hand over control of their life, money and personal details to third parties. This, of course, has a bit of truth in it. But consider this – when you go to the bank to pay your bills, you give the very same information to the teller, a person you hardly know. Why would you have a problem handing over the same information through the internet? It’s a funny thing, actually – some people don’t trust their banks and other legitimate service providers, but they trust social networks, mobile games and other services with their personal details, even with their location.

The strict regulation of the industry is once again a reason to trust gaming portals. The Red Flush Casino operates based on a license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, an institution based in the European Union and governed by its laws. The authority has strict standards imposed on its licensees when it comes to financial transactions, personal details and practices. Red Flush players can be sure that the casino will always behave responsibly in its relation with them, and be in complete control of their transactions.