Why Day Trading Cryptocurrencies Is Hard for Most People?

Why Day Trading Cryptocurrencies Is Hard for Most People?

When people start their trading journey, most of them think it is quite easy to make money from the market. They are fascinated that they will become rich quickly by trading. When they first look at the price chart they used to think that they could have made money from the biggest moves. But they never properly analyze the risk associated with the market and get into a huge loss. 

On the other side, those people who invest time in learning and practicing make a significant income consistently from the market. So it is very important to build a balanced mindset before you start day trading. It does not matter where you invest, whether it’s stock market, or currency market, or cryptocurrencies. First, you need to build a trading mindset and focus more on learning. 

Now, this article will help you understand why people do not make consistent money while day trading. In addition, you will also get some tips on how you can prepare for starting your trading journey. 

Understanding the Risk

First of all, you must keep in mind that trading is risky and you should not enter into the trading arena if you are not ready. Ready in the sense, you are not prepared by learning and practicing to handle the risk. As a result, you take impulsive decisions while trading. The main reason is you never have experienced the complexity of your emotions while dealing with money.

After you enter the market you will get different types of feelings while your money is already invested and the price chart is moving. You will encounter fear, greed, indecisiveness and you will definitely take immature decisions resulting in a net loss. I have interviewed many traders from Anon System which is a crypto trading platform. I found that they face these below major challenges while trading. 

  • Emotional Imbalance
  • Improper Trading Strategy
  • Impulsive Trades

Now let me explain everything in detail and I will provide some important tips on how to deal with them.  

  • Emotional Imbalance

Most of the newbie traders are very excited to make money by trading. Initially, when they enter the market with a fresh mind they are motivated. But after some days, they get different types of emotions as they are trying to control the market with their mind. They do not follow a strategy or focus on the data; they make a mistake of changing the movements in their mind. When things go wrong they usually overtrade or give up trading. 

Tip: Here are some questions that you need to answer periodically before and after trading. Ask yourself how you feel about money? How do you feel when you make a loss? How do you feel when you make a profit? These questions will help you understand your reactions when you feel frustrated due to a loss and excited after a profit. When you answer them you will bring a balance in your emotions.

  • Improper Trading Strategy

Most people do not know how to trade? They just learn a simple trading technique from anywhere and just start trading the same technique every time. As a result, they think the techniques didn’t work and the market is manipulative and going against them. They don’t know where and why they go wrong; they just think that no strategy works in the market.  

Tip: Focus more on learning and practicing until you understand different aspects that affect the price movement. Then prepare a plan that matches your trading goals and expectations. 

  • Impulsive Trading

Greed and fear are the two major psychological setbacks of a trader. They take wrong trading decisions out of fear and greed. External factors like news, recommendation by friends, and internal factors like the prior experience of loss or profit force them to take impulsive trades. 

Tip: To deal with this, you need to practice self-discipline and implement your plan.

Final Note

Finally, no matter how robust your strategy you can never say that you will make a profit in every single trade. Remember, you will make losses but you must take them into account and focus on why you go wrong. In this way, you will move in the right path while trading.