Why Business Cards Still Matter

With most business being done online nowadays, many believe that business cards are no longer of importance. They still offer a lot, though. Here are some of the reasons why you should still always carry a business card.

Business cards are so important because our memory is not as great as we need it to be. Think of all the times you have made a new acquaintance, focussing intently on conversation and appearing professional, only to forget their name the moment the interaction is over. Having business cards to hand alleviates this issue.

Road map to opportunity

Being equipped with a business card can provide you with all sorts of opportunity. That might be a new job, a new business relationship, or the generation of a new lead.


Imagine yourself in a situation when there is an opportunity to benefit your business by networking with new contacts. You see someone who could be your next big client. So, you introduce yourself and tell them what you do, before hopefully exchanging contact information. At this point, a business card saves you a lot of time, and not to mention makes you look like a professional. Instead of scrambling around to find a pen and napkin, you look like you’re doing something you have done many times before.

Giving people the information they need

Not only do business cards give the impression that you are well-established in business, they also provide valuable information for others to act on. They give you an opportunity to pack the most important information into a convenient, pocket-sized piece of card.

Giving people the information they need

By giving new acquaintances your business card, they have something tangible they can refer to at a later date. Even if they do not require your services at that time, they may do in future. And when that happens, they will still have that important business card to remember you by, saving them having to search for you on the web and increasing the chances they will get in touch.

Is technology replacing business cards?

Many businesses of today argue that business cards have lost their significance. As an alternative, some people make a point of asking new contacts to email them, providing an opportunity for the provision of full contact information. Walking around any networking event today, it has become commonplace to see new contacts using their mobile devices to quickly note down contact information. In a few years, it’s not unimaginable that Google Glass-wearing networkers will be able to exchange information with little more than a glance.

Is technology replacing business cards

However, the demand for business cards is not going anywhere. Business card printing studio Kumo Ink found that demand and sales for business cards have remained steady in recent years, even among the advancement and proliferation of mobile technology.

Technology and – more important – smartphones, have made it easier than ever to share information. It takes little more than a few taps of your finger to send a quick email to a new acquaintance, made so easy that it can even be done while in conversation.

So, where is the need for a physical business card when digital sharing becomes ever easier and more convenient? It is important to make meaningful connections when networking, and with today’stechnology, sometimes that can get lost.