Which Online Courses Have The Most Opted During The Global Crisis?

Which Online Courses Have The Most Opted During The Global Crisis?

The recent global crisis has adversely affected a lot of industrial sectors across the world. Even with the lockdown being lifted wholly or partially in many countries, the employment sector is yet to catch up with the positive impact of the ease of restrictions and lockdowns.

Regardless, while most industries were impacted, there were some industries which showed a lot of promise and development. Most of these industries were associated with internet consumption going up throughout the world, owing to people confined to their homes.

Hence, the demand for specific online courses has dramatically increased during these unprecedented times, as people search for new skills to help them succeed in the new normal. Read this blog to go through some of the most popular online courses opted by students internationally during this global crisis.

What are the most popular online courses during the global crisis?

There are many sectors, such as digital marketing and healthcare, which are, in fact, hiring more people as they scale operations to meet the increasing consumer demands. Hence, the most popular online courses were the ones that helped students gain entry into the following industries.

  • Health management courses: With the healthcare domain being on the frontline of combating the pandemic, there is a burgeoning increase in the demand for qualified healthcare professionals to deal with the ever-rising number of cases. Healthcare management courses can help students in securing managerial careers in the healthcare domain. They can also provide a comprehensive insight into the industry for newcomers.
  • Cybersecurity courses: Global crises such as pandemics are often the perfect breeding spots for large-scale cyber-crimes and frauds. With many companies shifting their focus on financial aspects, cybersecurity companies are finding their hands full with an increase in clients and business. Online courses in cybersecurity and net neutrality can provide the required expertise and technical skills for a career in this industry. 
  • Digital marketing courses: The lockdown has drastically increased internet usage across the world. With the gradual shift towards a digital economy, digital marketing companies are becoming the most prominent allies for large organisations and industries in scaling their business. Although digital marketing courses have been popular before the global crisis, current circumstances have added to their popularity. These courses provide students with essential marketing perspectives and familiarity with digital media, which is necessary for a career in this domain.
  • Accountancy courses: With organisations switching their modus operandi and new financial regulations around the corner, many companies require reliable accountancy firms that can help them maintain positive cash flow. Accountancy qualifications and courses can help students familiarise themselves with basic financial jargon and accountancy concepts which can help them capitalise on the recent boom in this industry.

Engaging in more productivity with online courses relevant to your academic and professional background can allow you to ensure job security during the troubled times and make the best out of available resources. Enrol in an excellent online program from a reputed university today to secure your career in the future.