Where Would Online 24X7 Games Be In The Next 5 Years?

Online 24X7 games are all about convenience and comfort – convenience of playing anytime of the day, the option of playing anywhere and comfort of playing either or mobiles, PCs or your handheld devices.

Now, this is called the freedom of playing games which liberates the player from constraints of place, time and devices.

In the recent years, the increase in the popularity of online games proves the fact that they are the future of entertainment.

With internet weaving into our daily lives extensively, it is no surprise if these games are witnessing phenomenal growth rate.

Card games are significant crowd-pullers when it comes to playing online games 24X7. The popularity of card games like Poker, Teen Patti or rummy games seem ever increasing.

It would leave one wondering where these games would be in the next 5 years?

The journey so far…

With special reference to the popular card game like rummy which is has been in the arena, the journey has been really eventful. Started first in the year 2006 with just a handful of players in the rummy industry, today it contributes to 40% of the Indian online gaming industry. Further, 24×7 rummy games have successfully managed 30-40% year-on-year growth all these years.

Several factors have contributed to this growth. The changing lifestyle of people, hectic work schedules followed by the availability of very little time for socializing has left people to look out for avenues of entertainment in the digital space. 24×7 rummy, in this regard, has been able to successfully fill this lacuna by providing a platform for people to meet over rummy games and have great fun and entertainment.

Also, over the years with rummy portals offering lucrative promotions and tournaments, the fun element has been tactfully combined with these offerings giving ample opportunities for all players to win real cash. Perhaps, this has been another great influencer motivating people play 24×7 rummy games.

The future ahead

With the journey so far been as interesting as the game itself, online rummy is poised for significant growth in the next 5 years. With free to play category dominated by youngsters and the cash games driven by mature players, 24×7 rummy would see a steady increase in the number of players in the years to come.

Games such as rummy, although popular, has traditionally found little acceptance as a mainstream entertainment. The challenge ahead lies in changing the skewed psyche of the people and bringing in acceptance to the game. The legal status provided to the game by the Supreme Court of India has given the much needed relief and has been instrumental in the growth of online rummy in the recent years.

In the coming days, one of the biggest challenges for online gaming companies would beof retaining their existing users and attracting new ones. They would have to constantly innovate by providing exceptional user experience and creatively blend fun and challenge in order keep their registered user base intact.

The fun is just beginning

With online gaming industry expected to reach USD 1.1 billion by 2020, online 24×7 games such as rummy are all set to embrace a new phase – growth and more gains.