When It Comes To Development, Only Choose The Best

Apple’s new tvOS operating system is poised to completely change the Smart TV ecosystem, thanks to the wealth of new opportunities it provides app developers and consumers. Now that the platform is opened up to the same diversity of applications as the iOS operating system, a whole new ecosystem of robust apps is ready to be created for the living room. As a result, many companies and brands are rushing to ensure that their product is in the first wave of these applications.

While it can be tempting to immediately go with the lowest bidder when looking for a team of developers to work on your company’s tvOS application, the consequences of choosing the wrong team to develop your product can be costly. Not only can you spend countless dollars and hours trying to fix a problem that sloppy or careless developers have created, you risk alienating your most eager consumers by providing an application to early adopters which does not meet their expectations. Even if your app is free and contains no advertising, you can do immeasurable damage to your company’s brand should things not go as well as planned following the launch of your product, especially if your development firm does not hold itself accountable in the event of unexpected bugs or exploits.


It is natural, when wading into new markets or looking for a new service provider in an arena that your company has never operated in before, to choose the firm that looks like it will be the most cost efficient in order to maximize profits from your expected revenue. But take some time to really consider and weigh each competitor in order to ensure that your company is benefitting from the services on offer – and protected against the risk of things going awry! For instance, look for a firm that offers dedicated project management and full transparency between their team and yours so that you know exactly what to expect, like the forward thinking professionals at Clear bridge Mobile.

You also want to know that the firm you choose has experience developing top-rated apps for the platform of your choosing, and that they have the versatility to produce exactly what you want. For mobile app design solutions in Canada and the US, consider Clear bridge Mobile, whose specialists employ a custom agile process that has a history of producing game-changing apps for high profile companies like USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bravo, Tim Horton’s, Disney, Dow Jones, Blackberry, and others.

Whether expanding into a new market, or updating a tired or dated app, it is much preferable to go with a dedicated development team rather than a “one and done” mobile application builder. You want to be confident that your company’s app is able to make a return on your investment, so it makes sense to choose a company that will be involved with all aspects of the process and which has a history of providing deliverables. For more information about an award-winning company capable of offering you ground-breaking solutions, check out Because it’s never enough just to say that you have an app on an emerging mobile platform – for your business to really succeed, you need to lead the pack as well!