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When Hackers Take Over Your Car


Industry observers have been at it for years. Many are saying that it is now possible for hackers to take over a car remotely. Mind you, this is not simply about changing the radio station but can be as serious as locking the brakes and steering wheel. We can just imagine the disastrous results when hackers take over your car.

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The Price of Advances in Technology

Advances in technology ask for a specific price from people who use them. This is related to the corresponding risks in the reality that people who are not exactly using the technology for the right purpose such as hackers are advancing as well. For every new development or discovery, there is a corresponding downside.

This should not discourage positive developments but should encourage works that will help protect people who are using the offered technology. One of the more popular areas that have benefited much from these advances is the car industry. Cars are getting smarter in the process and are proving to be very attractive to consumers.

Can Hackers Take Over Your Car?

Hacking cars is like watching something out of a James Bond movie. Being able to gain control over a car without being physically in it and while another is driving seems to be a rather complicated and unbelievable proposition. According to security researchers however, this is actually possible and doable. In one computer security conference, it was shown that a hacker can wrestle driving control through a click of a button.

Car manufacturers are quick to point out that computers in the car they make cannot be compromised. In the world of technology, it has been proven that there is no such thing as never. It may not be clearly possible now but nothing can stop it from coming true as hackers continue to find ways to override all safety nets put in place.

The Future of Cars

The continued computerization of cars is presenting a new dimension in the word threat. As cars become more intelligent, they become more convenient to use. This is all well and good if the increasing dependence on computers does not increase the risk of compromised control. There is an assurance coming from car manufacturers that their systems are fully protected from remote and wireless services.

They do acknowledge however that compromised control is possible through a physical device connected to the car which they refuse to categorize as hacking. Car owners seriously need to feel safe while using their cars. Nobody wants to be dealing with unexplained problems with acceleration, braking, and steering since this can easily mean losing one’s life. Let us just hope that car manufacturers will always be one step ahead of car hackers.