What Makes PC Games Better Than Console Games?

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The debate about whether a PC or a games console is the better gaming platform has been waged between generations of gamers. With the Xbox remaining the most popular platform on the market, this debate remains prevalent between the Xbox and PC gaming communities. However over the last decade the possibilities available with PC gaming has started to far outweigh the advantages of console gaming, despite Microsoft’s best efforts to meet the challenges presented by PC gaming.

Memory, processing power and graphics

These are often regarded as the nuts and bolts of gaming, but nevertheless are incredibly important. The developments in gaming capabilities for both PC and Xbox are continually growing at an exponential rate such that we never know what is in store for future gamers. By and large, both Xbox and good quality gaming PCs have by far enough processing power and graphics facilities to handle the needs of the latest game releases.

One major advantage with PCs is the potentially unlimited storage space available on the PC hard drive. Furthermore, although Xbox manufacturers promise HD graphics and visuals, they are rarely developed to the extent which is available with PC games.

The size of the gaming communities

High speed broadband has changed the shape of gaming altogether, with many gamers enjoying the challenges of massive multiplayer on-line role playing games such as World of Warcraft. Although Xbox offer a range of quality live games, the size of the communities playing them is far smaller than the numbers playing on-line PC games. There are more games available and the keyboard facilities and headsets make it far easier to interact with other players on the PC than with the Xbox. Furthermore it is unlikely that these communities will ever merge onto one universal playing platform. This is because the mouse and keyboard give PC game players a massive advantage over Xbox players.

Game play and multiplayer

The console control pad and the ergonomic designs offered by Xbox have long been attractive to console game players, however tests have shown that one gets far more diverse, faster and more controlled game play using a keyboard. Xbox fans often extol the virtues of playing multiplayer games such as Fifa around a television with friends. However, seeing as most people play Xbox on a flat screen TV or monitor these days PC games are a great choice for this type of gaming. Furthermore, for games that play well on an Xbox controller, PC gamers can easily purchase Xbox style controllers which connect with a PC and can be shared with friends. This means that it is easy to play the same games with friends at home as well as on-line.