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What is the Difference between Full Service Digital Marketing Agencies and Search Engine Optimization Agencies?

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In the past, businesses seeking to make their presences felt on the World Wide Web forced a great deal of effort building better search engine optimization. That works great for making it to the top of search engine result pages for certain keywords.

Unfortunately, what comes next is very limited because it’s targeted for the key words and phrases rather than targeted to a specific audience. A full service online marketing agency, like EQ Works understands the importance of this difference. They offer services that are oriented towards helping you generate traffic that is likely to convert into either short or long term sales for your business.

digital marketing agency

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do Differently?

Digital marketing agencies offer a wide range of services – all designed to help your business improve performance. They’ll work with you to identify the goals you have from your online marketing efforts and then work to create a plan designed to meet those specific goals.

Rather than focus their efforts on placement in the search engines, though, they will zero in on display advertising, social media, video, and mobile marketing to help you gain more exposure among people who are most likely to buy the products you have to sell.

By focusing in on these areas they provide you with a robust and well-rounded pool of likely buyers, generate engagement among your target audience, and give you a better overall return on your investment.

Why Use a Real Time Bidding Platform for Display Advertising?

Real time bidding is a foreign concept to many people. The ways of doing business online are evolving rapidly. The real time bidding platform available to EQ Works clients allows you to bid on display advertisements in real-time. This gives you total control over your advertising budget and allows you to make instantaneous changes the instant you realize one campaign is performing poorly.

This helps you save even more money by not overspending on ads and only spending on campaigns that are successful by instantly halting those that are not. More importantly, using the tools and metrics that EQ Works provides can help you immediately identify campaigns that are not performing up to expectations so you can make on-the-spot decisions about keeping, halting, altering, or adjusting those campaigns. With traditional SEO, this information can take days, weeks, or months to come to your attention fully.

How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business?

Because the world of digital marketing involves so many aspects of doing business on the Internet today, it’s important to work with the best in the business. Look for social proof, successful clients, and an online marketing agency that has its finger on the pulse of what is going on now when it comes to doing business on the World Wide Web.

EQ Works is a digital marketing agency in Toronto that is dedicated to helping businesses, far and wide, perform better. They have the tools, experience, and industry knowledge to help businesses in all manner of industries perform better with their digital marketing efforts.