What Is The Deep Web?

Internet is a wide world of its own. After going through thousands of websites and pages, you must have thought that you have discovered a huge part of this world, but you will be shocked to know that on an average, most people only discover 4 percent of the internet. A huge 96% is yet to be discovered and the biggest question is how come we have not been able to discover it. This huge percentage of unutilized or unfound web is called as the hidden web. Popularly, it’s called deep web or even dark web. Here we will try to explain in a detailed way, what is the deep web?

A Brief Know how of Deep Web

What is the deep web? To answer this in simple words, the content which is usually hidden from the regular search engines is known as deep web. The fact that the regular search engines cannot find it is the reason behind many internet users not reaching this data when they try searching for it. Deep Web is a term which was named by a computer scientist named Mike Bergman in 2000. Although it is easy to find many services or things which can’t be found on the visible web, but it is not recommended to browse this Deep web through normal browsers. A browser called Tor is amongst the recommendable browsers for browsing Deep Web.

Is Browsing of Deep Web Legal?

To be frank, the deep web is an illegal world. A lot of illegal things such as weapons and drugs etc. can be found here. Not only this, other crime related things such as contract killers and thieves etc. can also be found. But despite this, we can still browse it using browsers like Tor which is quite secured with pre configured settings. There is nothing to decide whether browsing the deep web is legal or not and hence it is an individual choice. To have more clarity about this and to know in more accurate details about ‘what is the deep web,’ you can go through a few examples of deep web content, which will help you to know why deep web is invisible to regular search engines.

Some Great Examples of Deep Web Content

To explain what is the deep web in a better way, we have mentioned some examples of deep web below. These are

  • Data needing to be accessed by search engine.
  • The database queries results.
  • The information which is protected by a password or which is only accessible by subscription.
  • The pages which do not have hyperlink with other pages.
  • The technically limited pages.
  • Pages requiring special permissions, including CAPTCHA technique.

Why Page is Invisible to the Regular Search Engines?

To understand what is deep web, you need to understand this question clearly. The basic reason why normal search engines are not able to explore the shores of the deep web is that they are not that powerful. The normal search engines are only capable of indexing pages according to the information provided and on their relevancy. Through these, one can only discover the pages which are hyperlinked with each other. The pages which are stored over different locations are generally impossible to find through the normal browsers. These are the basic reasons why regular browsers cannot delve into the deep web and can’t access the deep web or dark web links.

Tips to Access Deep Web

If you want to access the deep web, then it is not very difficult. By following some tips and instructions, you can easily access deep web while keeping yourself safe from vulnerable threats. The threats may include viruses, malware, fraudulent links or any other stuff which can potentially harm you. By following these you can easily browse through the deep web without any concerns and also understand more clearly as to what is the deep web.

Get Started with the Tor

Tor browser is the best browser for you to access the deep web. It’s the safest way of going into the deep web. You can download Tor browser for free from its site. This browser comes in with pre designed configuration to protect your identity while you surf deep web. Moreover, it also protects you from all sources of malware. It connects you Tor network which saves you from getting tracked. It also allows you to listen anonymous voices clearly in comparison with normal web browsers.

Use Directories for Safe & Responsible Browsing

You will not be able to find links to surf on the dark web through Tor browser. Therefore, you will need to find those links yourself and hence start surfing. is what you require on this case. It is one of the best resources for accessing deep web. It has thousands of URL’s. Many which end with .onion can be easily accessed by Tor browser.

Don’t be a part of any Criminal Activity

There is a lot of illegal content on the deep web and most of it is criminal as well. Access to criminals as well as weapons and drugs is what makes this world dangerous. Many websites also deal in human trafficking, child pornography, and other bad stuff. One should make sure that they don’t indulge themselves in any such activity. Try to be safe, especially from people involved in criminal activities as they may trap you.

Stay away from Suspicious Links

Follow one simple rule that is, whenever you find anything suspicious, and then just stay away from it. Don’t click any doubtful link as well. This can be a trap for stealing your information. Also some sort of malware maybe released in your device. Often beginners end up getting trapped in this. So take precaution and stay safe.

Use the Deep Web Search Engines

One should use of various search engines which are especially designed for the purpose of searching non-indexed data.  Having the capability to provide search results for every user query from the databases invisible to the traditional search engines makes them different from all those. These can therefore be termed specific search engines tailored for deep web can search.

Do Not Use Credit card for Making the Payments

You can make payments on normal browsing through your credit cards without any fear. But doing the same on deep web can be a huge mistake. Some sites can easily steal your credit card details and sell it to people for misuse. If you want to make any payment, then only use Bitcoin, which are quite safe. Also, you can make payments to websites using of Escrow services as these are trusted services which act as a third party between the website and the user.

The Bottom Line

So, we tried to provide adequate knowledge about what is the deep web and what measures you need to take for safe browsing through the deep web. Hopefully, this can help you in a long way and safeguard you from all the potential risks of the deep web and you will always remember what is Deep Web.