Vidpaw Youtube Video Downloader: Your Best Partner To Download Youtube Videos To MP3, MP4

Do you know where is the best platform to stream music for free?

The answer is YouTube definitely.

You might be wondering how to download your wanted music from YouTube just like I used to be. Fortunately, I met VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader, which has the ability to download all YouTube videos to MP3, MP4 without any limitation.

Therefore, for many people who also need a YouTube Video Downloader, I would like to introduce my best partner, VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader to you.

What is VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader?

Millions of YouTube Video Downloaders can be found on Google so I believed that it would be a tough task to find the best downloader. Actually, it did. I had tried many, but I still couldn’t find the best one.

My friend, Tyler who streams YouTube videos for almost a whole day, recommended me to try VidPaw. When I first time met VidPaw, I took a skeptical attitude on it for I never used this kind of tool before.

However, it’s totally out of my expectation! VidPaw exactly fits my needs.

  • I hope this downloader will be able to download YouTube video to MP4 in HD because I love to watch my favorite YouTube videos on my phone over and over again. Then, the high definition makes a better experience.
  • Then, I hope it will also support to download and convert YouTube video to MP3 so that I can listen to more songs from my favorite musicians unlimitedly.
  • Moreover, an easy download process is necessary because I’m really bad at using high technical stuff.
  • Besides, it will be great if this YouTube Video Downloader is available to use on computer and phones whether iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet.

It’s amazing that VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader 100% fits all my hopes.

Why I recommend VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader to you?

I tried many YouTube Video Downloaders before I met VidPaw. I can say that VidPaw is the best YouTube Video Downloader.

First, VidPaw is absolutely free to use! Some YouTube Video Downloaders will require you to pay for the high-quality download services, for example, if you need to download a YouTube video to MP4 in 720p, you need to subscribe to their membership. However, with VidPaw, you can enjoy all download services for free!

Second, I know some of you might worry that YouTube Video Downloader will take up the space of your device. In this case, you can totally set your mind at rest. VidPaw is an online video downloader, you can access it on any browser on any device. Besides, it’s said that VidPaw App is coming soon. If you prefer using an app to download YouTube videos, you can go for it.

Third, to earn money, many downloaders will be full of ads on its interface, which will strongly influence the experience. As for VidPaw, its interface design is clear and concise so that you’ll never be worry that ads will bother your download process.

Fourth, VidPaw is also a versatile platform. It not only supports to download YouTube videos but also supports users to stream all YouTube videos for free on its website. Moreover, it’s said that VidPaw is able to download online videos from over 1,000 sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

One of the best features of VidPaw is that it requires no registration with the personal account to access the download services. Then, I don’t need to worry that VidPaw will reveal my private information to the third party.

What’s more, as I mention above, the download process on VidPaw is extremely easy. There are 2 easy methods recommended to you.

Method 1

  1. Open your target YouTube video on any browser.
  2. On the address bar, add “paw” behind “youtube” to move forward. If you are mobile users, you need to change “m” to “www” as well, then, you can directly move to download page of the YouTube video.
  3. Choose your needed output format and quality. > Hit the “Download” button to finish.

Method 2

  1. Copy the YouTube video beforehand.
  2. Go to VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader on any browser. > Paste the video link on the blank bar.
  3. On the download page, choose a suitable output format and quality.
  4. Start downloading YouTube video.

I sincerely recommend VidPaw YouTube Video Downloader to you because I hope everyone can avoid detours. If you need a YouTube Video Downloader, trust me, try VidPaw.