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VideoProc — The Easiest Way to Merge Videos Together for Beginners

VideoProc — The Easiest Way to Merge Videos Together for Beginners

In the past couple of years, there has been an increasing demand for video merging solutions. It’s seen both among professionals and common users. It can be about creating wonderful compilation videos for YouTube or simply merging all the videos from a birthday event. In any case, you need a competitive, easy to use but performance-friendly video processing software. This is exactly where a tool like VideoProc comes in. Made to be the ultimate video processing tool for both macOS and Windows, VideoProc can do more than helping you merge videos. In this article, however, we will be talking more about the Video Merging part.

An Introduction to VideoProc

VideoProc is essentially a video processing software that can handle multiple tasks. Most importantly, it will help you cut, crop, merge, optimize and convert video content with ease. As we said earlier, the whole tool is suitable for multiple instances as well.


A professional video editor and a wannabe content creator would find this tool super-useful at times. VideoProc is available for both macOS and Windows and offers the same set of features. Now that you have the basic ideas clear, shall we check out why VideoProc is the easiest way to merge videos together?

Video Merging Section in VideoProc

As we said, VideoProc is a video processing software that can handle up to 8K UHD videos with ease. Because it comes with such wider compatibility, you can make videos work on almost any device you have. When we consider the Video Merging section, however, there are many more features in the package. There are, however, a few features you would love while merging videos.

  • One-Click Video Merging: You can complete the whole video-merging process in just a few clicks. All you have to do is to bring the video files into the interface, arrange them in the right order and press the Run button.
  • Trimming and Cutting are also some of the cool features in the package. Before you merge all videos into a single file, you can make changes to individual files. There is a number of features here, such as the addition of subtitles.
  • Video Conversion is also available in VideoProc. Once you have merged the files, you can convert the output file into the most convenient file format. This is great if you want to play the file in a specific device.

With all these awesome stuff inside, VideoProc will make video merging seem like a piece of cake.

How to Merge Videos Together Using VideoProc

Now, this is where things get super-simple. You need not to be an awesome tech geek to merge videos using VideoProc. Instead, you will have to follow three simple steps.

#1 Get Started with VideoProc

Regardless of the platform, you are using, you have to install and launch VideoProc on the device. You would be seeing an intro window and choose Video from the available options.


Now, when you are in the Video Processing screen, you can add the videos you want to combine. Either drag and drop the files or access them from the file explorer.

#2 Make Necessary Edits

You may want to make changes to individual videos before merging them. In order to do that, you can click on the Edit button near individual videos. Once you are done, VideoProc will automatically save the changes in the content.


#3  To Merging

Now, it’s time to merge the videos.

You first have to select the target file format. You can do this by going to the bottom portion of the window. Either choose the specific file format or pick the device that you want to play the video on.

videoproc 2

Now that’s settled, you can go ahead and check the ‘Merge’ box. This will be seen at the right-bottom part of the screen.

videoproc 3

After you are done with both, go ahead and press the Run button. In a few seconds, you will have the final video ready in your computer.

You can also check the below video guide:

What’s More in VideoProc?

As we said earlier, there are a few things that make VideoProc different and we really some of them:

  • Level-3 hardware acceleration makes VideoProc one of the fastest video processing software you can get today.
  • VideoProc also comes with subtitle support. If you want to add individual subtitles to videos, you can do that before you merge them.
  • Last but not least, VideoProc also lets you choose the right quality and features for a video that you want to publish on YouTube or Facebook.

Aren’t these awesome?

To End

As much as it’s difficult to believe, it’s extremely simple to merge videos together when you are using a tool like VideoProc. Do let us know what you think about this method though.