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Video Broadcasting – The Latest Facebook Messenger Feature Is On The Way

Facebook Messenger has very recently added its latest landmark feature, video broadcasting to its users. The feature is enjoyed by even the fans of Snapchat – the rival application of Facebook Messenger. People now can stream live video in Messenger with video broadcasting feature.

Instant Video lets the users broadcast real-time video through Messenger text exchange. The feature is just perfect for sharing memorable quick moments with the friends and family who are not right there with you or making conversations heartier by seeing each other face-to-face while chatting. Messenger has had its video chat option since May 2015 while instant video is something they have added to make chatting cozier.

Instant video feature was previously available in the latest edition of Messenger application on mobile phone powered by Android software or Apple. Now, while on Messenger, you just need to tap the video icon to initiate sharing your video in real time with sound usually turned off while can be turned on easily.

Latest Facebook Messenger Feature

Instant video has made video ubiquitous in real time. This feature is somehow similar to the feature – the vanishing message service – offered by Snapchat, the rival application. With vanishing message service which has a widespread acceptability especially amongst the teenagers users can share their video clips and pictures.

As of July’ 2016, the number of Facebook Messenger has crossed one billion while the mother concern itself has over 1.6 billion users and Whatsapp, another immensely popular messaging application acquired by Facebook also presently counts over one billion users. Besides Instagram, another member of Facebook family owns over 500 users who use the application to share their images.

After having billions of fans, Facebook became interested in video-loving adolescents as well as Snapchat with the release of a unique iPhone app – Lifestage which lets the teens watch clips of the lives of their friends. Lifestage is available to anybody; all they need to download the app on their iPhone. However, it is restricted to the users who are 21 years of age or less.

FB Messenger has notably more users than Snapchat and the former is quite sure that a good chunk of them would find instant video useful. Well, for Snapchat, this is significant evidence that Facebook considers it as an existential threat and so the company would move even further to make the momentum blunt.

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How to use

FB Messenger

To use the latest instant video feature, you and your friend need to have the most updated version of Messenger on you iOS or Android. From inside the chat, just tap the video icon that you can find in the top right corner of your app and you can simply start broadcasting. Though for the recipient, the sound is turned off by default can be turned on easily. Like Snapchat, this option works only if both of you have kept your conversation open.

Hope the latest effort of Facebook also becomes as popular as its other extensively popular applications.