Versatility Wars – Tablet Ranges and the Battle for the Consumer Dollar

Galaxy Tab 3

At first, only a few companies invested their time and money in creating large tablets that are compatible with Android OS. Now, though, there are several affordable offerings from a whole host of manufacturers, including HP, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo and Asus. It’s not just companies that are known for their desktop counterparts that are jumping on the tablet bandwagon. Affordable devices range in size between compact 7″ devices and monstrous tablets that are 12.2″ in diameter.

Below are some of the latest 10.1″ Android tablet offerings from the biggest manufacturers, and how they compare with their rivals.

Galaxy Tab 3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab line features a tried-and-true design that has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. The bright TFT display of the Android tablets offers good viewing angles, and they run the latest Android OS systems. Most tablets in the range feature incremental upgrades from the previous tablet. If you’ve used tablets from the Galaxy range before and you’re one of the sticklers who dislike change, the Galaxy Tab 3 is perfect. With good specs, a relatively unchanged design, a bright display that makes performing a wide variety of tasks simple, the tablet is great for Samsung Tab veterans who simply want to be able to continue using a similar device with better specs. AThe st all Galaxy Tabs are lightweight, with the high-end Galaxy Note tabs being even lighter, making them extremely portable and versatile devices.

The Lenovo Yoga 10.1″ offers tablet users something slightly different. The device has rounded edges and a kick stand at the bottom of the device, which makes it an unusual design that doesn’t lie completely flat. The shape may make it a little less sleek than Galaxy tablets, but it does also make it easy to angle the tablet while reading or watching videos while it’s resting on a flat surface. The faux metal finish makes the tablet feel nice and look nice to hold. Featuring either 16 GB or 32 GB of storage with the ability to add 64 GB using the micro SD card slot, there’s plenty of storage space for documents, videos and even some games.


Another affordable tablet that features Android OS is part of the popular Sony Xperia range. The Z2 10.1″ tablet is a slim, lightweight device that makes use of the technology which made BRAVIA TVs so advanced and packs it into a versatile Android tablet with a 10.1″ touchscreen interface. Versatility is often enhanced with compatible keyboards — consider the Nokia Lumia 2520 or the Asus Transformer Book for tablets that offer 2 in 1 capability.

Tablets have clearly become a big part of the future of computing, which is why there are so many available now. Their shape, versatility and ease of use have contributed greatly to this, with companies constantly strive to enhance features even further and gain a significant upper hand on the competition. It keeps the wait interesting for the consumer.