Using Email Finders for Generating Leads in 2021

Email Finders for Generating Leads

According to a recent study, 73% of all B2B companies prioritize gathering good quality leads rather than blindly adding new people to their mailing list. If you are looking to generate a big list of leads in 2021, you should also go for quality over quantity. How do marketers do that exactly? Find out industry tips and tricks below.

How to Generate Leads?

Consider leads as someone you can convert into sales. Once you have their identity, you can send them custom emails to persuade them to buy your product. But how do you get prospects’ emails in the first place? There are specialized tools, like SignalHire, that can help with that.

How Does Signalhire Work?

If you are determined about generating a lead list in 2021, you will need a marketing tool that you can rely on. We recommend you use SignalHire. It is an online tool that lets you dig out your prospects’ contact details from every corner of the internet.

SignalHire is a powerful email finder that lets you filter out the vast pool of personal emails using simple keywords. You can filter out the available contacts based on their skills, work title, name, industry, years of work experience, and location. Moreover, if you want to go deeper, you can use the advanced Boolean search feature.

You can find out the contact details for an individual, too. When you visit a profile on any social media, for example, LinkedIn, the Signalhire browser extension will light up. When you click on it, it will reveal all the contact details, including the phone number and email address for that person.

How to create a Lead List with Signalhire?

Lead List with Signalhire

If you are focusing more on Scraped emails, then this tool will not disappoint you. It comes with a browser extension. However, this extension is currently only supported on Chrome and Firefox.

Moreover, as far as integrations are concerned, Signalhire works with Zoho Recruit and Hubspot. So if you are already using these two marketing tools, Signalhire will give you zero compatibility issues.

After you have generated a lead list using this tool, you can save them to a custom Lead List. It is recommended that marketers create a list for every project. Once you are satisfied with the lead list’s size, you can send bulk emails from this same platform.

If you have a custom solution built from scratch by your in-house developers, you can connect that with SignalHire. The email finder API from Signalhire lets you find highly reliable email addresses and phone numbers.

How to Leverage a Good Lead List?

As mentioned earlier, you can create multiple lead lists using SignalHire. These lists are a great way to document your leads. You do not have to create the list from scratch every time you want to send someone an email.

When you have the list, you can use Signalhire to send a bulk email. Moreover, marketers can individually pick the recipient of a particular email. If you would rather send them to all, check the All checkbox. Learn more on this website.

To leverage the lead list healthily, you must send them emails regularly. Do not send them emails when you feel like it. Stick to a certain interval. It can be every month or every week.

Another important thing to remember is not to spam people with meaningless emails just for the sake of sending something. No one likes to see spam emails in their inbox. They will not read it. Besides, such a policy might damage your reputation.

Build a Relation with your Existing Lead List

You can go on a spree to get more leads every month. This way, you can grow your lead list exponentially. But what is the point? You should ask yourself, are you only focusing on increasing the size of your lead list, or are you also adequately engaging prospects?

Arrange Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to engage your leads with your website. This keeps your existing leads busy and entertained while attracting more prospects from all across your social media profiles and via organic search.

But do not just roll out a giveaway out of whim. Pick a particular occasion around which you can arrange a giveaway. For instance, if you hit a new customer acquisition milestone, you can celebrate this by giving away discounts, free SWAGS, and many other exciting prizes. But why do your leads claim these gifts? They participate in the giveaway.

Many companies have started using digital Fortune Wheels on their websites. It lists down all the gifts you are offering across the diameter of the wheel. To activate the wheel, people have to enter their name and their email addresses. This way, you generate more leads, and your site visitors get the excitement of participating in a giveaway.

Marketers can also arrange a photo contest for their leads and keep them occupied. And with platforms like Twitter, it is easier than ever to keep track of all the photos that are being uploaded on that platform.

Now you might be wondering how often you should arrange these giveaways. Well, it depends. Start by picking a budget. And try to divide it across 12 months. You will find multiple occasions every month around which you can arrange a contest. For instance, October has Halloween, November has Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, April has Easter, and Earth Day. You get the idea, right?

Start a Referral Program

Referral Program

Another great way to keep your leads engaged is by turning them into your agents. You can do so by introducing a referral program. Your existing leads will get paid for every new customer they get for you. They will get a certain percentage of the sale. Many online businesses give recurring affiliate sales to their leads. Consider having it on your site if you can.

Finally, marketers should not stop after they have launched one program. It is better to create proper guidance for the leads to follow. Help them decide what type of promotional content you are expecting they use, what market segment you are targeting, and so on.